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Theoretical Physics


October 2013

     Theoretical Physics Group
James Bjorken
Experimental particle physics: Co-spokesman for Fermilab test/experiment T864; theoretical particle physics: research in hard diffraction and in dynamics of disoriented chiral condensate. Recent work.
Stanley Brodsky
High-energy theoretical physics, light-cone quantization, perturbative and non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics; especially exclusive processes and the quark-gluon structure of hadrons in QCD; fundamental problems in atomic and nuclear physics. Recent work.
Lance Dixon
Theoretical particle physics; superstring theory, model building, and applications; perturbative QCD. Recent work.
Sidney Drell
Theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, and quantum theory; national security and arms control. Recent work.
JoAnne Hewett
Theoretical Particle Physics; Phenomenology of Electroweak Interactions. Recent work.     
Stefan Hoeche     
          Theoretical particle physics; Phenomenology of the Standard Model; Monte-Carlo event generators Recent work.     
Shamit Kachru
Theoretical physics. String theory, dualities, supersymmetry breaking, and early universe cosmology. Recent work.
Michael Peskin
Theoretical high-energy physics; models of symmetry-breaking in the electroweak gauge theory and methods for their experimental tests, especially at present and future e+e- colliders; superstring theory and other approaches to the origin of the fermion mass spectrum. Recent work.
Thomas Rizzo
Theoretical particle physics; phenomenology of new physics models and experimental tests at colliders. Recent work.
Eva Silverstein
Theoretical high energy physics: duality symmetries and nonperturbative phenomena in string theory, applications to the unification of string vacua and to supersymmetry breaking; light-cone formulations and applications of nontrivial renormalization-group fixed points; issues in the ''matrix model'' proposal for formulating the theory (known as ''M theory'') underlying string theory. Recent work.
Jay Wacker  
          Theoretical particle physics focusing on beyond the Standard Model physics.  Recent work.

Maria C. Herraez