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Theoretical Physics


October 2013

     Theoretical Physics Group
James Bjorken
Experimental particle physics: Co-spokesman for Fermilab test/experiment T864; theoretical particle physics: research in hard diffraction and in dynamics of disoriented chiral condensate. Recent work.
Stanley Brodsky
High-energy theoretical physics, light-cone quantization, perturbative and non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics; especially exclusive processes and the quark-gluon structure of hadrons in QCD; fundamental problems in atomic and nuclear physics. Recent work.
Lance Dixon
Theoretical particle physics; superstring theory, model building, and applications; perturbative QCD. Recent work.
Sidney Drell
Theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, and quantum theory; national security and arms control. Recent work.
JoAnne Hewett
Theoretical Particle Physics; Phenomenology of Electroweak Interactions. Recent work.     
Stefan Hoeche     
          Theoretical particle physics; Phenomenology of the Standard Model; Monte-Carlo event generators Recent work.     
Shamit Kachru
Theoretical physics. String theory, dualities, supersymmetry breaking, and early universe cosmology. Recent work.
Michael Peskin
Theoretical high-energy physics; models of symmetry-breaking in the electroweak gauge theory and methods for their experimental tests, especially at present and future e+e- colliders; superstring theory and other approaches to the origin of the fermion mass spectrum. Recent work.
Thomas Rizzo
Theoretical particle physics; phenomenology of new physics models and experimental tests at colliders. Recent work.
Eva Silverstein
Theoretical high energy physics: duality symmetries and nonperturbative phenomena in string theory, applications to the unification of string vacua and to supersymmetry breaking; light-cone formulations and applications of nontrivial renormalization-group fixed points; issues in the ''matrix model'' proposal for formulating the theory (known as ''M theory'') underlying string theory. Recent work.

Maria C. Herraez