Stan Brodsky: Main research interests

I am interested in virtually all areas of perturbative and nonperturbative QCD, especially novel hadronic and nuclear phenomenology. This includes many topics that can be tested at PANDA-GSI in anti-proton interactions, such as intrinsic charm effects, color transparency, non-universal antishadowing, novel quarkonium phenomena, anomalous angular distributions in lepton pair production, single-spin asymmetries, diffraction, exclusive channels, commensurate scale relations, and anomalous higher twist effects.

AdS/QCD and Light-Front Holography can now be used to predict hadronic wavefunctions and the QCD coupling in the nonpertubative domain. This should lead to new research possibilities and new predictions that can be tested at PANDA-GSI.

Several of my recent talks discuss details of these QCD tests at PANDA and the underlying theory:

My talks are all posted here.