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Top Cited Articles from the Eprint Archives
2001 Edition
Top Cited Articles, from the E-print archives

Based on data from the SPIRES-HEP Literature Database, SLAC Library

For various reasons, the annual lists of the top-cited high energy physics papers tend to be heavily dominated by one or two subfields. However, the e-print archives are organized by subject, and we can use this feature to focus on the citation data for individual subfields. On this page, we present lists of the top-cited papers for each of the archives relevant to high-energy physics. The citation lists are based on papers posted and citations counted since the creation of the archives in the year 2001. For a list from (1991-1999), please see the entry for the 1999 topcite review.

The results of this compilation should be interpreted with care. No individual archive is completely self-contained (though hep-th comes close). This problem must be added to the usual caveats about the use of the citation counts in the SPIRES database (see discussion). For each archive, we give two lists, first, the papers most cited by eprints in the archive, second, the eprints in the archive which are most cited. By comparing these two lists, you can make a judgement on how well the papers lists cover the subfield. Inevitably, however, our methods will leave some gaps. A paper on nuclear forces which is posted to hep-ph and is cited mainly by hep-ph papers is unlikely to appear in the topcites list for nucl-th no matter how large its citation count might be.

General Relativity / Quantum Cosmology GR-QC

  1. Topcited gr-qc eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by gr-qc eprints in 2001

High-Energy Experimental Physics HEP-EX

  1. Topcited hep-ex eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by hep-ex eprints in 2001

Lattice Field Theory HEP-LAT

  1. Topcited hep-lat eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by hep-lat eprints in 2001

Particle Phenomenology HEP-PH

  1. Topcited hep-ph eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by hep-ph eprints in 2001

String / Conformal / Field Theory HEP-TH

  1. Topcited hep-th eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by hep-th eprints in 2001

Nuclear Experiment NUCL-EX

  1. Topcited nucl-ex eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by nucl-ex eprints in 2001

Nuclear Theory NUCL-TH

  1. Topcited nucl-th eprints in 2001
  2. Articles most cited by nucl-th eprints in 2001

The below items are carry-overs from last year with no modifications. Look for new editions next year.


  1. Topcited astrophysics papers of alltime
  2. Articles most cited by astrophysics papers of alltime

Mathematical Physics [with commentary by Karl-Henning Rehren]

  1. Topcited mathematical physics papers of alltime
  2. Articles most cited by mathematical physics papers of alltime

Nuclear Physics

  1. Topcited nuclear physics papers of alltime
  2. Articles most cited by nuclear physics papers of alltime

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Top Cited HEP Articles, 2001 edition by Travis Brooks, SLAC. Reviewer is Michael Peskin, SLAC. Original edition by H. Galic. Work performed at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

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