Top Cited Articles of All Time (2006 edition) in astro-ph

The 50 most highly cited papers of All Time (2006 edition) in the astro-ph archive

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  1. 3953
    First year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations: Determination of cosmological parameters
    By WMAP Collaboration (D.N. Spergel et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:175,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0302209]
    [4006 Total citations in HEP]
  2. 3104
    Measurements of Omega and Lambda from 42 high redshift supernovae
    By Supernova Cosmology Project (S. Perlmutter et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.517:565-586,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9812133]
    [3144 Total citations in HEP]
  3. 2995
    Observational evidence from supernovae for an accelerating universe and a cosmological constant
    By Supernova Search Team (Adam G. Riess et al.).
    Published in:Astron.J.116:1009-1038,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9805201]
    [3028 Total citations in HEP]
  4. 2891
    Maps of dust IR emission for use in estimation of reddening and CMBR foregrounds
    By David J. Schlegel (Durham U.), Douglas P. Finkbeiner, Marc Davis (UC, Berkeley).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.500:525,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9710327]
    [2938 Total citations in HEP]
  5. 1987
    First year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations: Preliminary maps and basic results
    By C.L. Bennett, M. Halpern, G. Hinshaw, N. Jarosik, A. Kogut, M. Limon, S.S. Meyer, L. Page, D.N. Spergel, G.S. Tucker, E. Wollack, E.L. Wright, C. Barnes, M.R. Greason, R.S. Hill, E. Komatsu, M.R. Nolta, N. Odegard, Hiranya V. Peiris, Licia Verde, J.L. Weiland (NASA, Goddard & British Columbia U. & Princeton U. & Chicago U., Astron. Astrophys. Ctr. & Chicago U. & Chicago U., EFI & KICP, Chicago & Brown U. & UCLA & SSAI, Lanham).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:1,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0302207]
    [2008 Total citations in HEP]
  6. 1530
    A Universal density profile from hierarchical clustering
    By Julio F. Navarro (Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ.), Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.), Simon D.M. White (Garching, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.490:493-508,1997 [arXiv: astro-ph/9611107]
    [1550 Total citations in HEP]
  7. 1164
    The Structure of cold dark matter halos
    By Julio F. Navarro (Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ.), Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.), Simon D.M. White (Garching, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.462:563-575,1996 [arXiv: astro-ph/9508025]
    [1185 Total citations in HEP]
  8. 1099
    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: technical summary
    By SDSS Collaboration (Donald G. York et al.).
    Published in:Astron.J.120:1579-1587,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/0006396]
    [1124 Total citations in HEP]
  9. 1062
    Cosmological imprint of an energy component with general equation of state
    By R.R. Caldwell, Rahul Dave, Paul J. Steinhardt (Pennsylvania U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.80:1582-1585,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9708069]
    [1074 Total citations in HEP]
  10. 1007
    A Line of sight integration approach to cosmic microwave background anisotropies
    By Uros Seljak (Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. Astrophys.), Matias Zaldarriaga (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.469:437-444,1996 [arXiv: astro-ph/9603033]
    [1012 Total citations in HEP]
  11. 993
    A Flat universe from high resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation
    By Boomerang Collaboration (P. de Bernardis et al.).
    Published in:Nature 404:955-959,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/0004404]
    [1001 Total citations in HEP]
  12. 968
    Final results from the Hubble Space Telescope key project to measure the Hubble constant
    By W.L. Freedman, B.F. Madore, B.K. Gibson, L. Ferrarese, D.D. Kelson, S. Sakai, J.R. Mould, R.C. Kennicutt, H.C. Ford, J.A. Graham, J.P. Huchra, S.M.G. Hughes, Garth D. Illingworth, L.M. Macri, P.B. Stetson, P.B. Stetson (Carnegie Inst. Observ. & Caltech, IPAC & Swinburne U., Ctr. Astrophys. Supercomput. & Rutgers U., Piscataway & Carnegie Inst., Wash., D.C. & NOAO, Tucson & Res. Sch. Astron. Astrophys., Weston Creek & Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ. & Johns Hopkins U. & Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. Astrophys. & Cambridge U., Inst. of Astron. & Lick Observ. & NRC-HIA, Victoria).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.553:47-72,2001 [arXiv: astro-ph/0012376]
    [977 Total citations in HEP]
  13. 955
    Type Ia supernova discoveries at z > 1 from the Hubble Space Telescope: Evidence for past deceleration and constraints on dark energy evolution
    By Supernova Search Team (Adam G. Riess et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.607:665-687,2004 [arXiv: astro-ph/0402512]
    [982 Total citations in HEP]
  14. 928
    Wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe (wmap) three year results: implications for cosmology
    By D.N. Spergel, R. Bean, O. Dore', M.R. Nolta, C.L. Bennett, G. Hinshaw, N. Jarosik, E. Komatsu, L. Page, H.V. Peiris, L. Verde, C. Barnes, M. Halpern, Robert S. Hill, A. Kogut, M. Limon, S.S. Meyer, N. Odegard, G.S. Tucker, J.L. Weiland, E. Wollack, E.L. Wright (Princeton U. & Cornell U., Astron. Dept. & Canadian Inst. Theor. Astrophys. & NASA, Goddard & Johns Hopkins U. & Texas U., Astron. Dept. & Chicago U., Astron. Astrophys. Ctr. & KICP, Chicago & Chicago U., EFI & Pennsylvania U. & British Columbia U. & Brown U. & UCLA & SSAI, Lanham).
    HEP Record [arXiv: astro-ph/0603449]
    [1032 Total citations in HEP]
  15. 836
    Cosmological parameters from SDSS and WMAP
    By SDSS Collaboration (Max Tegmark et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D69:103501,2004 [arXiv: astro-ph/0310723]
    [859 Total citations in HEP]
  16. 796
    The Demography of massive dark objects in galaxy centers
    By John Magorrian, Scott Tremaine (Canadian Inst. Theor. Astrophys.), Douglas Richstone (Michigan U.), Ralf Bender (Munich U. Observ.), Gary Bower (Kitt Peak Observ.), Alan Dressler (Carnegie Inst. Observ.), S.M. Faber (Lick Observ.), Karl Gebhardt (Michigan U.), Richard Green (Kitt Peak Observ.), Carl Grillmair (Caltech, JPL), John Kormendy (Inst. Astron., Honolulu), Tod R. Lauer (Kitt Peak Observ.).
    Published in:Astron.J.115:2285,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9708072]
    [803 Total citations in HEP]
  17. 769
    Discovery of a supernova explosion at half the age of the Universe and its cosmological implications
    By Supernova Cosmology Project (S. Perlmutter et al.).
    Published in:Nature 391:51-54,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9712212]
    [772 Total citations in HEP]
  18. 761
    The Cosmological constant and dark energy
    By P.J.E. Peebles (Princeton U.), Bharat Ratra (Kansas State U.).
    Published in:Rev.Mod.Phys.75:559-606,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0207347]
    [780 Total citations in HEP]
  19. 760
    Lyman break galaxies at z >~ 4 and the evolution of the UV luminosity density at high redshift
    By Charles C. Steidel, Kurt L. Adelberger (Palomar Observ.), Mauro Giavalisco, Mark Dickinson (Baltimore, Space Telescope Sci.), Max Pettini (Royal Greenwich Observ.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.519:1-17,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9811399]
    [767 Total citations in HEP]
  20. 735
    A measurement by Boomerang of multiple peaks in the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background
    By Boomerang Collaboration (C.B. Netterfield et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.571:604-614,2002 [arXiv: astro-ph/0104460]
    [740 Total citations in HEP]
  21. 730
    Quintessence, cosmic coincidence, and the cosmological constant
    By Ivaylo Zlatev, Li-Min Wang (Pennsylvania U.), Paul J. Steinhardt (Pennsylvania U. & Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.82:896-899,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9807002]
    [740 Total citations in HEP]
  22. 724
    A Fundamental relation between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies
    By Laura Ferrarese (UCLA), David Merritt (Rutgers U., Piscataway).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.539:L9,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/0006053]
    [737 Total citations in HEP]
  23. 672
    MAXIMA-1: A Measurement of the cosmic microwave background anisotropy on angular scales of 10 arcminutes to 5 degrees
    By S. Hanany (Minnesota U. & UC, Berkeley, CfPA), P. Ade, A. Balbi, J. Bock, J. Borrill, A. Boscaleri, P. de Bernardis, P.G. Ferreira, V.V. Hristov, Andrew H. Jaffe, A.E. Lange, A.T. Lee, P.D. Mauskopf, C.B. Netterfield, S. Oh, E. Pascale, B. Rabii, P.L. Richards, George F. Smoot, R. Stompor, C.D. Winant, J.H.P. Wu (UC, Berkeley, CfPA & Queen Mary, U. of London & Rome U.,Tor Vergata & Caltech, JPL & Caltech & LBL, Berkeley & Florence, IROE & Rome U. & Oxford U. & Lisbon, IST & Cardiff U. & Toronto U. & UC, Berkeley & Warsaw, Copernicus Astron. Ctr. & UC, Berkeley, Astron. Dept.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.545:L5,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/0005123]
    [678 Total citations in HEP]
  24. 664
    Four year COBE DMR cosmic microwave background observations: Maps and basic results
    By C.L. Bennett (NASA, Goddard), A. Banday, K.M. Gorski, G. Hinshaw, P. Jackson, P. Keegstra, A. Kogut (Hughes STX, Greenbelt), George F. Smoot (LBL, Berkeley & UC, Berkeley), D.T. Wilkinson (Princeton U.), E.L. Wright (UCLA).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.464:L1-L4,1996 [arXiv: astro-ph/9601067]
    [666 Total citations in HEP]
  25. 641
    A Relationship between nuclear black hole mass and galaxy velocity dispersion
    By Karl Gebhardt, Ralf Bender, Gary Bower, Alan Dressler, S.M. Faber, Alexei V. Filippenko, Richard Green, Carl Grillmair, Luis C. Ho, John Kormendy, Tod R. Lauer, John Magorrian, Jason Pinkney, Douglas Richstone, Scott Tremaine.
    Published in:Astrophys.J.539:L13,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/0006289]
    [652 Total citations in HEP]
  26. 626
    Stellar population synthesis at the resolution of 2003
    By G. Bruzual (Merida, CIDA), Stephane Charlot (Garching, Max Planck Inst. & Paris, Inst. Astrophys.).
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.344:1000,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0309134]
    [660 Total citations in HEP]
  27. 626
    The Cosmic triangle: Assessing the state of the universe
    By Neta A. Bahcall, Jeremiah P. Ostriker (Princeton U. Observ.), Saul Perlmutter (LBL, Berkeley), Paul J. Steinhardt (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Science 284:1481-1488,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9906463]
    [628 Total citations in HEP]
  28. 621
    Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) first year observations: TE polarization
    By A. Kogut, D.N. Spergel, C. Barnes, C.L. Bennett, M. Halpern, G. Hinshaw, N. Jarosik, M. Limon, S.S. Meyer, L. Page, G.S. Tucker, E. Wollack, E.L. Wright (NASA, Goddard & Princeton U. & British Columbia U. & Chicago U., EFI & KICP, Chicago & Brown U. & UCLA).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:161,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0302213]
    [623 Total citations in HEP]
  29. 614
    First year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) observations: Implications for inflation
    By H.V. Peiris, E. Komatsu, Licia Verde, D.N. Spergel, C.L. Bennett, M. Halpern, G. Hinshaw, N. Jarosik, A. Kogut, M. Limon, S.S. Meyer, L. Page, G.S. Tucker, E. Wollack, E.L. Wright (Princeton U. & NASA, Goddard & British Columbia U. & Chicago U., EFI & KICP, Chicago & Brown U. & UCLA).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.148:213,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0302225]
    [619 Total citations in HEP]
  30. 611
    Starburst99: synthesis models for galaxies with active star formation
    By Claus Leitherer, Daniel Schaerer, Jeffrey D. Goldader, Rosa M. Gonzalez Delgado, Carmelle Robert, Denis Foo Kune, Duilia Mello, Daniel Devost, Timothy M. Heckman.
    Published in:Astrophys.J.Suppl.123:3-40,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9902334]
    [619 Total citations in HEP]
  31. 604
    Using the evolution of clusters to constrain Omega
    By Vincent R. Eke, Shaun Cole, Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.).
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.282:263-280,1996 [arXiv: astro-ph/9601088]
    [608 Total citations in HEP]
  32. 584
    Star formation in galaxies along the Hubble sequence
    By Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr. (Arizona U., Astron. Dept. - Steward Observ.).
    Published in:Ann.Rev.Astron.Astrophys.36:189-231,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9807187]
    [600 Total citations in HEP]
  33. 578
    Cosmological results from high-z supernovae
    By Supernova Search Team (John L. Tonry et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.594:1-24,2003 [arXiv: astro-ph/0305008]
    [595 Total citations in HEP]
  34. 566
    A Phantom menace?
    By R.R. Caldwell (Princeton U.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B545:23-29,2002 [arXiv: astro-ph/9908168]
    [582 Total citations in HEP]
  35. 562
    Solar models: Current epoch and time dependences, neutrinos, and helioseismological properties
    By John N. Bahcall (Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study), M.H. Pinsonneault (Ohio State U.), Sarbani Basu (Yale U.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.555:990-1012,2001 [arXiv: astro-ph/0010346]
    [563 Total citations in HEP]
  36. 557
    Measurements of the cosmological parameters Omega and Lambda from the first 7 supernovae at z>=0.35
    By Supernova Cosmology Project (S. Perlmutter et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.483:565,1997 [arXiv: astro-ph/9608192]
    [562 Total citations in HEP]
  37. 554
    DASI first results: A Measurement of the cosmic microwave background angular power spectrum
    By N.W. Halverson, E.M. Leitch, C. Pryke, J. Kovac, J.E. Carlstrom (Chicago U.), W.L. Holzapfel (UC, Berkeley), M. Dragovan (Caltech, JPL), J.K. Cartwright, B.S. Mason, S. Padin, T.J. Pearson, M.C. Shepherd, A.C.S. Readhead (Caltech).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.568:38-45,2002 [arXiv: astro-ph/0104489]
    [560 Total citations in HEP]
  38. 546
    Measurement of the solar neutrino capture rate with gallium metal
    By SAGE Collaboration (J.N. Abdurashitov et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.C60:055801,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9907113]
    [548 Total citations in HEP]
  39. 541
    Unified schemes for radio-loud active galactic nuclei
    By C.Megan Urry (Baltimore, Space Telescope Sci.), Paolo Padovani (Rome U.,Tor Vergata).
    Published in:Publ.Astron.Soc.Pac.107:803,1995 [arXiv: astro-ph/9506063]
    [542 Total citations in HEP]
  40. 526
    Profiles of dark haloes. Evolution, scatter, and environment
    By James S. Bullock, Tsafrir S. Kolatt, Yair Sigad, Rachel S. Somerville, Andrey V. Kravtsov, Anatoly A. Klypin, Joel R. Primack, Avishai Dekel (UC, Santa Cruz & Ohio State U., Dept. Astron. & Hebrew U. & Cambridge U., Inst. of Astron. & New Mexico State U.).
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.321:559-575,2001 [arXiv: astro-ph/9908159]
    [535 Total citations in HEP]
  41. 525
    The Hubble Deep Field: Observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry
    By the HDF Team (Robert E. Williams et al.).
    Published in:Astron.J.112:1335,1996 [arXiv: astro-ph/9607174]
    [528 Total citations in HEP]
  42. 522
    Hybrid inflation
    By Andrei D. Linde (Stanford U., Phys. Dept.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D49:748-754,1994 [arXiv: astro-ph/9307002]
    [529 Total citations in HEP]
  43. 520
    Discovery of the peculiar supernova 1998bw in the error box of GRB 980425
    By T.J. Galama, Paul M. Vreeswijk, J. van Paradijs, C. Kouveliotou, T. Augusteijn, O.R. Hainaut, F. Patat, H. Bohnhardt, J. Brewer, V. Doublier, J.-F. Gonzalez, C. Lidman, B. Leibundgut, J. Heise, J. in 't Zand, P.J. Groot, R.G. Strom, P. Mazzali, K. Iwamoto, K. Nomoto, H. Umeda, T. Nakamura, T. Koshut, M. Kippen, C. Robinson, P. de Wildt, R.A.M.J. Wijers, N. Tanvir, J. Greiner, E. Pian, E. Palazzi, F. Frontera, N. Masetti, L. Nicastro, E. Malozzi, M. Feroci, E. Costa, L. Piro, B.A. Peterson, C. Tinney, B. Boyle, R. Cannon, R. Stathakis, M.C. Begam, P. Ianna (Amsterdam U., Astron. Inst. & Alabama U., Huntsville & Universities Space Research Assoc. & NASA, Marshall & European Southern Obs., Chile & SRON, Utrecht & NFRA, Dwingeloo & Trieste Observ. & Tokyo U., Astron. Dept. & Tokyo U., RESCEU).
    Published in:Nature 395:670,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9806175]
    [529 Total citations in HEP]
  44. 511
    Reconstructing the linear power spectrum of cosmological mass fluctuations
    By J.A. Peacock (Royal Observ., Edinburgh), S.J. Dodds (Edinburgh U.).
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.267:1020-1034,1994< /a> [arXiv: astro-ph/9311057]
    [514 Total citations in HEP]
  45. 502
    Collapsars: Gamma-ray bursts and explosions in 'failed supernovae'
    By A. MacFadyen, S.E. Woosley (UC, Santa Cruz).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.524:262,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9810274]
    [512 Total citations in HEP]
  46. 495
    The Case for a positive cosmological Lambda term
    By Varun Sahni (IUCAA, Pune), Alexei A. Starobinsky (Landau Inst.).
    Published in:Int.J.Mod.Phys.D9:373-444,2000 [arXiv: astro-ph/9904398]
    [506 Total citations in HEP]
  47. 492
    Where are the missing galactic satellites?
    By Anatoly A. Klypin, Andrey V. Kravtsov, Octavio Valenzuela, Francisco Prada.
    Published in:Astrophys.J.522:82-92,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9901240]
    [497 Total citations in HEP]
  48. 489
    The High Z supernova search: Measuring cosmic deceleration and global curvature of the universe using type Ia supernovae
    By Supernova Search Team (Brian P. Schmidt et al.).
    Published in:Astrophys.J.507:46-63,1998 [arXiv: astro-ph/9805200]
    [494 Total citations in HEP]
  49. 487
    Cosmological tracking solutions
    By Paul J. Steinhardt, Li-Min Wang, Ivaylo Zlatev (Pennsylvania U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D59:123504,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9812313]
    [494 Total citations in HEP]
  50. 481
    Large scale bias and the peak background split
    By Ravi K. Sheth, Giuseppe Tormen.
    Published in:Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.308:119,1999 [arXiv: astro-ph/9901122]
    [488 Total citations in HEP]