Top Cited Articles during 2005 in hep-ex

The 50 most highly cited papers during 2005 in the hep-ex archive

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  1. 243
    First results from KamLAND: Evidence for reactor anti-neutrino disappearance
    By KamLAND Collaboration (K. Eguchi et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.90:021802,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0212021]
    [1272 Total citations in HEP]
  2. 217
    Evidence for oscillation of atmospheric neutrinos
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (Y. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.81:1562-1567,1998 [arXiv: hep-ex/9807003]
    [2789 Total citations in HEP]
  3. 189
    Evidence for a narrow S = +1 baryon resonance in photoproduction from the neutron
    By LEPS Collaboration (T. Nakano et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.91:012002,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0301020]
    [709 Total citations in HEP]
  4. 177
    Measurement of neutrino oscillation with KamLAND: Evidence of spectral distortion
    By KamLAND Collaboration (T. Araki et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.94:081801,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0406035]
    [427 Total citations in HEP]
  5. 159
    Indications of neutrino oscillation in a 250 km long baseline experiment
    By K2K Collaboration (M.H. Ahn et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.90:041801,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0212007]
    [613 Total citations in HEP]
  6. 130
    Observation of a baryon resonance with positive strangeness in K+ collisions with Xe nuclei
    By DIANA Collaboration (V.V. Barmin et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Atom.Nucl.66:1715-1718,2003, Yad.Fiz.66:1763-1766,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0304040]
    [549 Total citations in HEP]
  7. 128
    The BaBar detector
    By BABAR Collaboration (B. Aubert et al.).
    Published in:Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A479:1-116,2002 [arXiv: hep-ex/0105044]
    [739 Total citations in HEP]
  8. 123
    Evidence for an oscillatory signature in atmospheric neutrino oscillation
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (Y. Ashie et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.93:101801,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0404034]
    [289 Total citations in HEP]
  9. 118
    Observation of an exotic S = +1 baryon in exclusive photoproduction from the deuteron
    By CLAS Collaboration (S. Stepanyan et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.91:252001,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0307018]
    [506 Total citations in HEP]
  10. 117
    Evidence for the positive strangeness pentaquark Theta+ in photoproduction with the SAPHIR detector at ELSA
    By SAPHIR Collaboration (J. Barth et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B572:127-132,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0307083]
    [459 Total citations in HEP]
  11. 109
    Search for neutrino oscillations on a long baseline at the CHOOZ nuclear power station
    By M. Apollonio, A. Baldini, C. Bemporad, E. Caffau, F. Cei, Y. Declais, H. de Kerret, B. Dieterle, A. Etenko, L. Foresti, J. George, G. Giannini, M. Grassi, Y. Kozlov, W. Kropp, D. Kryn, M. Laiman, Charles E. Lane, B. Lefievre, I. Machulin, A. Martemyanov, V. Martemyanov, L. Mikaelyan, D. Nicolo, M. Obolensky, R. Pazzi, G. Pieri, L. Price, S. Riley, R. Reeder, A. Sabelnikov, G. Santin, M. Skorokhvatov, H. Sobel, J. Steele, R. Steinberg, S. Sukhotin, S. Tomshaw, D. Veron, V. Vyrodov (Drexel U. & INFN, Pisa & Pisa U. & INFN, Trieste & Trieste U. & Kurchatov Inst., Moscow & Annecy, LAPP & College de France & UC, Irvine & New Mexico U.).
    Published in:Eur.Phys.J.C27:331-374,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0301017]
    [375 Total citations in HEP]
  12. 105
    Search for the standard model Higgs boson at LEP
    By LEP Working Group for Higgs boson searches and ALEPH Collaboration and DELPHI Collaboration and L3 Collaboration and OPAL Collaboration (R. Barate et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B565:61-75,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0306033]
    [370 Total citations in HEP]
  13. 103
    Determination of solar neutrino oscillation parameters using 1496 days of Super-Kamiokande I data
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (S. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B539:179-187,2002 [arXiv: hep-ex/0205075]
    [533 Total citations in HEP]
  14. 102
    Evidence for a narrow |S| = 1 baryon state at a mass of 1528-MeV in quasireal photoproduction
    By HERMES Collaboration (A. Airapetian et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B585:213,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0312044]
    [328 Total citations in HEP]
  15. 100
    Observation of an exotic baryon with S = +1 in photoproduction from the proton
    By CLAS Collaboration (V. Kubarovsky et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.92:032001,2004, Erratum-ibid.92:049902,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0311046]
    [327 Total citations in HEP]
  16. 98
    Limits on neutrino oscillations from the CHOOZ experiment
    By CHOOZ Collaboration (M. Apollonio et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B466:415-430,1999 [arXiv: hep-ex/9907037]
    [1204 Total citations in HEP]
  17. 93
    Observation of an exotic S = -2, Q = -2 baryon resonance in proton proton collisions at the CERN SPS
    By NA49 Collaboration (C. Alt et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.92:042003,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0310014]
    [344 Total citations in HEP]
  18. 91
    A Measurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters by SUPER-KAMIOKANDE I
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (Y. Ashie et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D71:112005,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0501064]
    [213 Total citations in HEP]
  19. 88
    Evidence for neutrino oscillations from the observation of anti-neutrino(electron) appearance in a anti-neutrino(muon) beam
    By LSND Collaboration (A. Aguilar et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D64:112007,2001 [arXiv: hep-ex/0104049]
    [461 Total citations in HEP]
  20. 87
    Evidence for a narrow baryonic state decaying to K0(S) p and K0(S) anti-p in deep inelastic scattering at HERA
    By ZEUS Collaboration (S. Chekanov et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B591:7-22,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0403051]
    [217 Total citations in HEP]
  21. 87
    Evidence for muon neutrino oscillation in an accelerator-based experiment
    By K2K Collaboration (E. Aliu et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.94:081802,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0411038]
    [197 Total citations in HEP]
  22. 84
    Solar B-8 and hep neutrino measurements from 1258 days of Super-Kamiokande data
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (S. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.86:5651-5655,2001 [arXiv: hep-ex/0103032]
    [838 Total citations in HEP]
  23. 84
    Evidence for formation of a narrow K0(S) p resonance with mass near 1533-MeV in neutrino interactions
    By A.E. Asratyan, A.G. Dolgolenko, M.A. Kubantsev (Moscow, ITEP).
    Published in:Phys.Atom.Nucl.67:682-687,2004, Yad.Fiz.67:704-709,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0309042]
    [322 Total citations in HEP]
  24. 83
    A Combination of preliminary electroweak measurements and constraints on the standard model
    By LEP Collaborations and ALEPH Collaboration and DELPHI Collaboration and L3 Collaboration and LEP Electroweak Working Group and SLD Electroweak Group and SLD Heavy Flavour Group and OPAL Collaboration
    HEP Record [arXiv: hep-ex/0412015]
    [114 Total citations in HEP]
  25. 82
    Evidence for a narrow resonance at 1530-MeV/C**2 in the K0 p system of the reaction pp ---> Sigma+ K0 p from the COSY-TOF experiment
    By COSY-TOF Collaboration (M. Abdel-Bary et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B595:127-134,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0403011]
    [230 Total citations in HEP]
  26. 79
    Observation of a narrow meson decaying to D+(s) pi0 at a mass of 2.32-GeV/c**2
    By BABAR Collaboration (B. Aubert et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.90:242001,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0304021]
    [372 Total citations in HEP]
  27. 79
    The JHF-Kamioka neutrino project
    By Y. Itow, T. Kajita, K. Kaneyuki, M. Shiozawa, Y. Totsuka (Tokyo U., ICRR), Y. Hayato, T. Ishida, T. Ishii, T. Kobayashi, T. Maruyama, K. Nakamura, Y. Obayashi, Y. Oyama, M. Sakuda, M. Yoshida (KEK, Tsukuba), S. Aoki, T. Hara, A. Suzuki (Kobe U.), A. Ichikawa, T. Nakaya, K. Nishikawa (Kyoto U.), T. Hasegawa, K. Ishihara, A. Suzuki (Tohoku U.), A. Konaka (TRIUMF).
    HEP Record [arXiv: hep-ex/0106019]
    [417 Total citations in HEP]
  28. 79
    Measurement of the negative muon anomalous magnetic moment to 0.7 ppm
    By Muon g-2 Collaboration (G.W. Bennett et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.92:161802,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0401008]
    [216 Total citations in HEP]
  29. 76
    Observation of narrow baryon resonance decaying into p K0(S) in pA interactions at 70-GeV/c with SVD-2 setup
    By SVD Collaboration (A. Aleev et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Atom.Nucl.68:974-981,2005, Yad.Fiz.68:1012-1019,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0401024]
    [258 Total citations in HEP]
  30. 74
    Observation of a narrow charmonium - like state in exclusive B+- ---> K+- pi+ pi- J / psi decays
    By Belle Collaboration (S.K. Choi et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.91:262001,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0309032]
    [260 Total citations in HEP]
  31. 68
    Evidence for a narrow anti-charmed baryon state
    By H1 Collaboration (A. Aktas et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B588:17,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0403017]
    [187 Total citations in HEP]
  32. 63
    Combination of CDF and D0 results on the top-quark mass
    By CDF Collaboration and D0 Collaboration and Tevatron Electroweak Working Group (P. Azzi et al.).
    HEP Record [arXiv: hep-ex/0404010]
    [152 Total citations in HEP]
  33. 63
    Observation of top quark production in anti-p p collisions
    By CDF Collaboration (F. Abe et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.74:2626-2631,1995 [arXiv: hep-ex/9503002]
    [1339 Total citations in HEP]
  34. 63
    Observation of the top quark
    By D0 Collaboration (S. Abachi et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.74:2632-2637,1995 [arXiv: hep-ex/9503003]
    [1284 Total citations in HEP]
  35. 59
    Observation of a narrow resonance of mass 2.46-GeV/c**2 decaying to D*+(s) pi0 and confirmation of the D*(sJ)(2317) state
    By CLEO Collaboration (D. Besson et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D68:032002,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0305100]
    [254 Total citations in HEP]
  36. 59
    A precision measurement of the mass of the top quark
    By D0 Collaboration (V.M. Abazov et al.).
    Published in:Nature 429:638-642,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0406031]
    [133 Total citations in HEP]
  37. 58
    Measurement of the J/psi meson and b-hadron production cross sections in p anti-p collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 1960-GeV
    By CDF Collaboration (D. Acosta et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D71:032001,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0412071]
    [141 Total citations in HEP]
  38. 58
    Single-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering on a transversely polarized hydrogen target
    By HERMES Collaboration (A. Airapetian et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.94:012002,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0408013]
    [126 Total citations in HEP]
  39. 58
    Tau neutrinos favored over sterile neutrinos in atmospheric muon-neutrino oscillations
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (S. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.85:3999-4003,2000 [arXiv: hep-ex/0009001]
    [668 Total citations in HEP]
  40. 53
    GNO solar neutrino observations: Results for GNO I
    By GNO Collaboration (M. Altmann et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B490:16-26,2000 [arXiv: hep-ex/0006034]
    [481 Total citations in HEP]
  41. 53
    Deep inelastic inclusive e p scattering at low x and a determination of alpha(s)
    By H1 Collaboration (C. Adloff et al.).
    Published in:Eur.Phys.J.C21:33-61,2001 [arXiv: hep-ex/0012053]
    [315 Total citations in HEP]
  42. 53
    Mid-rapidity neutral pion production in proton proton collisions at s**(1/2) = 200-GeV
    By PHENIX Collaboration (S.S. Adler et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.91:241803,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0304038]
    [173 Total citations in HEP]
  43. 53
    Improved measurement of CP asymmetries in B0 ---> (c anti-c) K0* decays
    By BABAR Collaboration (B. Aubert et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.94:161803,2005 [arXiv: hep-ex/0408127]
    [105 Total citations in HEP]
  44. 52
    A Precise determination of electroweak parameters in neutrino nucleon scattering
    By NuTeV Collaboration (G.P. Zeller et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.88:091802,2002, Erratum-ibid.90:239902,2003 [arXiv: hep-ex/0110059]
    [310 Total citations in HEP]
  45. 52
    Search for the pentaquark state in psi(2S) and J / psi decays to K0(S)pK- anti-n and K0(S) anti-p K+ n
    By BES Collaboration (J.Z. Bai et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D70:012004,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0402012]
    [135 Total citations in HEP]
  46. 51
    Observation of direct CP violation in B0 ---> K+ pi- decays
    By BaBar Collaboration (B. Aubert et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.93:131801,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0407057]
    [127 Total citations in HEP]
  47. 49
    Observation of the narrow state X(3872) ---> J / psi pi+ pi- in anti-p p collisions at s**(1/2) = 1.96-TeV
    By CDF II Collaboration (D. Acosta et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.93:072001,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0312021]
    [173 Total citations in HEP]
  48. 48
    Constraints on neutrino oscillations using 1258 days of Super-Kamiokande solar neutrino data
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (S. Fukuda et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.86:5656-5660,2001 [arXiv: hep-ex/0103033]
    [573 Total citations in HEP]
  49. 44
    Observation and properties of the X(3872) decaying to J / psi pi+ pi- in p anti-p collisions at s**(1/2) = 1.96-TeV
    By D0 Collaboration (V.M. Abazov et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.93:162002,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0405004]
    [122 Total citations in HEP]
  50. 44
    Precise measurement of the solar neutrino day / night and seasonal variation in Super-Kamiokande-1
    By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (M.B. Smy et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D69:011104,2004 [arXiv: hep-ex/0309011]
    [138 Total citations in HEP]
  51. 44
    White paper report on using nuclear reactors to search for a value of theta(13)
    By K. Anderson, J.C. Anjos, D. Ayres, J.F. Beacom, I. Bediaga, A. de Bellefon, B.E. Berger, S. Bilenky, E. Blucher, T. Bolton, C. Buck, W. Bugg, J. Busenitz, S. Choubey, J. Conrad, M. Cribier, O. Dadoun, F. Dalnoki-Veress, M. Decowski, Andre de Gouvea, D. Demuth, F. Dessages-Ardellier, Y. Efremenko, F. von Feilitzsch, D. Finley, J.A. Formaggio, S.J. Freedman, B.K. Fujikawa, M. Garbini, P. Giusti, M. Goger-Neff, M. Goodman, F. Gray, C. Grieb, J.J. Grudzinski, V.J. Guarino, F. Hartmann, C. Hagner, K.M. Heeger, W. Hofmann, G. Horton-Smith, Patrick Huber, L. Inzhechik, J. Jochum, H. Jostlein, R. Kadel, Yuri A. Kamyshkov, D. Kaplan, P. Kasper, H. de Kerret, J. Kersten, J. Klein, K.T. Knopfle, V. Kopeikin, Yu. Kozlov, D. Kryn, V. Kuchler, M. Kuze, T. Lachenmaier, T. Lasserre, C. Laughton, C. Lendvai, J. Li, M. Lindner, J. Link, M. Longo, Y.S. Lu, K.B. Luk, Y.Q. Ma, V.P. Martemyanov, C. Mauger, H. Menghetti, R. McKeown, G. Mention, J.P. Meyer, L. Mikaelyan, H. Minakata, D. Naples, H. Nunokawa, L. Oberauer, M. Obolensky, Stephen J. Parke, S.T. Petcov, O.L.G. Peres, W. Potzel, J. Pilcher, R. Plunkett, G. Raffelt, P. Rapidis, D. Reyna, B. Roe, M. Rolinec, Y. Sakamoto, G. Sartorelli, S. Schonert, T. Schwetz, M. Selvi, M. Shaevitz, R. Shellard, R. Shrock, R. Sidwell, J. Sims, V. Sinev, N. Stanton, I. Stancu, R. Stefanski, F. Suekane, H. Sugiyama, S. Sukhotin, T. Sumiyoshi, R. Svoboda, R. Talaga, N. Tamura, M. Tanimoto, J. Thron, E. von Toerne, D. Vignaud, C. Wagner, Y.F. Wang, Z. Wang, W. Winter, H. Wong, E. Yakushev, C.G. Yang, O. Yasuda (Taiwan, Inst. Phys. & Alabama U. & Argonne & LBL, Berkeley & Bologna U. & INFN, Bologna & Rio de Janeiro, CBPF & UC, Berkeley & Caltech & Campinas State U. & Rio de Janeiro, Pont. U. Catol. & Chicago U. & Columbia U. & Fermilab & College de France & IIT, Chicago & Beijing, Inst. High Energy Phys. & Kansas State U. & Kurchatov Inst., Moscow & Louisiana State U. & Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst. & Munich, Max Planck Inst. & Michigan U. & Minnesota U. & Niigata U. & Northwestern U. & Pittsburgh U. & Rikkyo U. & Saclay & SISSA, Trieste & SUNY, Stony Brook & Tennessee U. & Texas U. & Tohoku U. & Tokyo Inst. Tech. & Tokyo Metropolitan U. & INFN, Trieste & Virginia Tech. & Washington U., Seattle).
    HEP Record [arXiv: hep-ex/0402041]
    [121 Total citations in HEP]