Top Cited Articles during 2004 in hep-lat

The 50 most highly cited papers during 2004 in the hep-lat archive

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  1. 111
    Lattice study of exotic S = +1 baryon
    By Shoichi Sasaki (Tokyo U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.93:152001,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0310014]
    [208 Total citations in HEP]
  2. 100
    Pentaquark hadrons from lattice QCD
    By F. Csikor (Eotvos U.), Z. Fodor (Eotvos U. & Wuppertal U.), S.D. Katz (DESY), T.G. Kovacs (Wuppertal U.).
    Published in:JHEP 0311:070,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0309090]
    [194 Total citations in HEP]
  3. 92
    Lattice determination of the critical point of QCD at finite T and mu
    By Z. Fodor (DESY & Eotvos U.), S.D. Katz (Eotvos U.).
    Published in:JHEP 0203:014,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0106002]
    [369 Total citations in HEP]
  4. 81
    High precision lattice QCD confronts experiment
    By HPQCD Collaboration and UKQCD Collaboration and MILC Collaboration and Fermilab Lattice Collaboration (C.T.H. Davies et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.92:022001,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0304004]
    [213 Total citations in HEP]
  5. 73
    Exactly massless quarks on the lattice
    By Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers U., Piscataway).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B417:141-144,1998 [arXiv: hep-lat/9707022]
    [687 Total citations in HEP]
  6. 62
    Critical point of QCD at finite T and mu, lattice results for physical quark masses
    By Z. Fodor (Wuppertal U. & Eotvos U.), S.D. Katz (Wuppertal U.).
    Published in:JHEP 0404:050,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0402006]
    [186 Total citations in HEP]
  7. 54
    The QCD phase diagram for small densities from imaginary chemical potential
    By Philippe de Forcrand (Zurich, ETH & CERN), Owe Philipsen (MIT, LNS).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B642:290-306,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0205016]
    [212 Total citations in HEP]
  8. 52
    The QCD thermal phase transition in the presence of a small chemical potential
    By C.R. Allton (Swansea U. & Queensland U.), S. Ejiri (Swansea U.), S.J. Hands (Swansea U. & Santa Barbara, KITP), O. Kaczmarek (Bielefeld U.), F. Karsch (Santa Barbara, KITP & Bielefeld U.), E. Laermann, C. Schmidt (Bielefeld U.), L. Scorzato (Swansea U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D66:074507,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0204010]
    [231 Total citations in HEP]
  9. 47
    The Glueball spectrum from an anisotropic lattice study
    By Colin J. Morningstar (UC, San Diego), Mike J. Peardon (Julich, NIC & DESY).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D60:034509,1999 [arXiv: hep-lat/9901004]
    [329 Total citations in HEP]
  10. 46
    Lattice QCD at high temperature and density
    By Frithjof Karsch (Bielefeld U.).
    Published in:Lect.Notes Phys.583:209-249,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0106019]
    [202 Total citations in HEP]
  11. 44
    A New way to set the energy scale in lattice gauge theories and its applications to the static force and alpha-s in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory
    By R. Sommer (DESY).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B411:839-854,1994 [arXiv: hep-lat/9310022]
    [395 Total citations in HEP]
  12. 44
    A New method to study lattice QCD at finite temperature and chemical potential
    By Z. Fodor (DESY & Eotvos U.), S.D. Katz (Eotvos U.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B534:87-92,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0104001]
    [203 Total citations in HEP]
  13. 43
    The Equation of state for two flavor QCD at nonzero chemical potential
    By C.R. Allton (Swansea U.), S. Ejiri (Swansea U. & Bielefeld U.), S.J. Hands (Swansea U.), O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Schmidt (Bielefeld U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D68:014507,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0305007]
    [139 Total citations in HEP]
  14. 42
    The QCD spectrum with three quark flavors
    By Claude W. Bernard (Washington U., St. Louis), Tom Burch, Kostas Orginos, Doug Toussaint (Arizona U.), Thomas A. DeGrand (Colorado U.), Carleton DeTar (Utah U.), Saumen Datta, Steven A. Gottlieb (Indiana U.), Urs M. Heller (Florida State U., SCS), Robert Sugar (UC, Santa Barbara).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D64:054506,2001 [arXiv: hep-lat/0104002]
    [209 Total citations in HEP]
  15. 41
    Exact chiral symmetry on the lattice and the Ginsparg-Wilson relation
    By Martin Luscher (DESY).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B428:342-345,1998 [arXiv: hep-lat/9802011]
    [449 Total citations in HEP]
  16. 40
    Light hadron spectroscopy with two flavors of dynamical quarks on the lattice
    By CP-PACS Collaboration (A. Ali Khan et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D65:054505,2002, Erratum-ibid.D67:059901,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0105015]
    [185 Total citations in HEP]
  17. 40
    Quark mass and flavor dependence of the QCD phase transition
    By F. Karsch, E. Laermann, A. Peikert (Bielefeld U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B605:579-599,2001 [arXiv: hep-lat/0012023]
    [240 Total citations in HEP]
  18. 40
    Finite density QCD via imaginary chemical potential
    By Massimo D'Elia (Genoa U. & INFN, Genoa), Maria-Paola Lombardo (INFN, Padua & Frascati).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D67:014505,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0209146]
    [154 Total citations in HEP]
  19. 39
    A Method for simulating chiral fermions on the lattice
    By David B. Kaplan (UC, San Diego).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B288:342-347,1992 [arXiv: hep-lat/9206013]
    [581 Total citations in HEP]
  20. 36
    More about exactly massless quarks on the lattice
    By Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers U., Piscataway).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B427:353-355,1998 [arXiv: hep-lat/9801031]
    [401 Total citations in HEP]
  21. 35
    Light pseudoscalar decay constants, quark masses, and low energy constants from three-flavor lattice QCD
    By MILC Collaboration (C. Aubin et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D70:114501,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0407028]
    [145 Total citations in HEP]
  22. 35
    Light hadrons with improved staggered quarks: Approaching the continuum limit
    By C. Aubin, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, Steven A. Gottlieb, E.B. Gregory, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, J. Osborn, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint (Washington U., St. Louis & Utah U. & Indiana U. & Arizona U. & APS, Maryland & U. Pacific, Stockton & UC, Santa Barbara).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D70:094505,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0402030]
    [130 Total citations in HEP]
  23. 35
    The Pressure in two flavor, (2+1)-flavor and three flavor QCD
    By F. Karsch (Bielefeld U. & CERN), E. Laermann (Bielefeld U.), A. Peikert (Bielefeld U. & Hiroshima U.).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B478:447-455,2000 [arXiv: hep-lat/0002003]
    [221 Total citations in HEP]
  24. 33
    Flavor symmetry and the static potential with hypercubic blocking
    By Anna Hasenfratz, Francesco Knechtli (Colorado U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D64:034504,2001 [arXiv: hep-lat/0103029]
    [156 Total citations in HEP]
  25. 32
    Locality properties of Neuberger's lattice Dirac operator
    By Pilar Hernandez, Karl Jansen (CERN), Martin Luscher (DESY).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B552:363-378,1999 [arXiv: hep-lat/9808010]
    [264 Total citations in HEP]
  26. 31
    J / psi and eta(c) in the deconfined plasma from lattice QCD
    By M. Asakawa (Kyoto U.), T. Hatsuda (Tokyo U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.Lett.92:012001,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0308034]
    [160 Total citations in HEP]
  27. 30
    Nonperturbative quark mass renormalization in quenched lattice QCD
    By ALPHA Collaboration (Stefano Capitani et al.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B544:669-698,1999 [arXiv: hep-lat/9810063]
    [229 Total citations in HEP]
  28. 30
    On the viability of lattice perturbation theory
    By G.Peter Lepage (Cornell U., LNS), Paul B. Mackenzie (Fermilab).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D48:2250-2264,1993 [arXiv: hep-lat/9209022]
    [789 Total citations in HEP]
  29. 30
    Effects of nonperturbatively improved dynamical fermions in QCD at fixed lattice spacing
    By UKQCD Collaboration (C.R. Allton et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D65:054502,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0107021]
    [134 Total citations in HEP]
  30. 30
    Light hadron spectroscopy with two flavors of O(a) improved dynamical quarks
    By JLQCD Collaboration (S. Aoki et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D68:054502,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0212039]
    [106 Total citations in HEP]
  31. 28
    Nonperturbative O(a) improvement of lattice QCD
    By Martin Luscher (DESY), Stefan Sint (Florida State U., SCRI), Rainer Sommer (DESY, Zeuthen & CERN), Peter Weisz (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), Ulli Wolff (Humboldt U., Berlin).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B491:323-343,1997 [arXiv: hep-lat/9609035]
    [310 Total citations in HEP]
  32. 28
    Variants of fattening and flavor symmetry restoration
    By MILC Collaboration (Kostas Orginos et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D60:054503,1999 [arXiv: hep-lat/9903032]
    [167 Total citations in HEP]
  33. 26
    Massive fermions in lattice gauge theory
    By Aida X. El-Khadra (Illinois U., Urbana), Andreas S. Kronfeld, Paul B. Mackenzie (Fermilab).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D55:3933-3957,1997 [arXiv: hep-lat/9604004]
    [243 Total citations in HEP]
  34. 26
    Spontaneous flavor and parity breaking with Wilson fermions
    By Stephen R. Sharpe, Robert L. Singleton, Jr (Washington U., Seattle).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D58:074501,1998 [arXiv: hep-lat/9804028]
    [118 Total citations in HEP]
  35. 26
    Partially quenched gauge theories and an application to staggered fermions
    By Claude W. Bernard, Maarten F.L. Golterman (Washington U., St. Louis).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D49:486-494,1994 [arXiv: hep-lat/9306005]
    [200 Total citations in HEP]
  36. 25
    Chiral symmetry and O(a) improvement in lattice QCD
    By Martin Luscher (DESY), Stefan Sint (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), Rainer Sommer (CERN), Peter Weisz (Munich, Max Planck Inst.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B478:365-400,1996 [arXiv: hep-lat/9605038]
    [293 Total citations in HEP]
  37. 25
    Axial symmetries in lattice QCD with Kaplan fermions
    By Vadim Furman (Tel Aviv U.), Yigal Shamir (Weizmann Inst.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B439:54-78,1995 [arXiv: hep-lat/9405004]
    [297 Total citations in HEP]
  38. 25
    Infinitely many regulator fields for chiral fermions
    By Rajamani Narayanan, Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers U., Piscataway).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B302:62-69,1993 [arXiv: hep-lat/9212019]
    [278 Total citations in HEP]
  39. 25
    The Schrodinger functional: A Renormalizable probe for nonAbelian gauge theories
    By Martin Luscher, Rajamani Narayanan (DESY), Peter Weisz (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), Ulli Wolff (CERN).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B384:168-228,1992 [arXiv: hep-lat/9207009]
    [215 Total citations in HEP]
  40. 25
    The Index theorem in QCD with a finite cutoff
    By Peter Hasenfratz, Victor Laliena (Bern U.), Ferenc Niedermayer (PSI, Villigen).
    Published in:Phys.Lett.B427:125-131,1998 [arXiv: hep-lat/9801021]
    [307 Total citations in HEP]
  41. 24
    Lattice QCD with a chirally twisted mass term
    By Alpha collaboration (Roberto Frezzotti et al.).
    Published in:JHEP 0108:058,2001 [arXiv: hep-lat/0101001]
    [124 Total citations in HEP]
  42. 24
    The N(f) = 0 heavy quark potential from short to intermediate distances
    By Silvia Necco, Rainer Sommer (DESY, Zeuthen).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B622:328-346,2002 [arXiv: hep-lat/0108008]
    [131 Total citations in HEP]
  43. 24
    Chiral perturbation theory for the quenched approximation of QCD
    By Claude W. Bernard, Maarten F.L. Golterman (Washington U., St. Louis).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D46:853-857,1992 [arXiv: hep-lat/9204007]
    [349 Total citations in HEP]
  44. 23
    Kaon matrix elements and CP violation from quenched lattice QCD: 1. The three flavor case
    By RBC Collaboration (T. Blum et al.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D68:114506,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0110075]
    [122 Total citations in HEP]
  45. 23
    Flavor symmetry restoration and Symanzik improvement for staggered quarks
    By G.Peter Lepage (Cornell U., LNS).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D59:074502,1999 [arXiv: hep-lat/9809157]
    [119 Total citations in HEP]
  46. 23
    Quenched chiral logarithms
    By Stephen R. Sharpe (Jefferson Lab).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D46:3146-3168,1992 [arXiv: hep-lat/9205020]
    [309 Total citations in HEP]
  47. 23
    Chiral determinant as an overlap of two vacua
    By Rajamani Narayanan, Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers U., Piscataway).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B412:574-606,1994 [arXiv: hep-lat/9307006]
    [289 Total citations in HEP]
  48. 22
    Behavior of charmonium systems after deconfinement
    By Saumen Datta, Frithjof Karsch (Bielefeld U.), Peter Petreczky (Brookhaven), Ines Wetzorke (NIC, Zeuthen & DESY, Zeuthen).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D69:094507,2004 [arXiv: hep-lat/0312037]
    [126 Total citations in HEP]
  49. 22
    The Confinement problem in lattice gauge theory
    By J. Greensite (San Francisco State U. & LBL, Berkeley).
    Published in:Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys.51:1,2003 [arXiv: hep-lat/0301023]
    [128 Total citations in HEP]
  50. 22
    Chiral fermions from lattice boundaries
    By Yigal Shamir (Weizmann Inst.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B406:90-106,1993 [arXiv: hep-lat/9303005]
    [338 Total citations in HEP]
  51. 22
    Susceptibilities, the specific heat and a cumulant in two flavor QCD
    By Frithjof Karsch, Edwin Laermann (Bielefeld U.).
    Published in:Phys.Rev.D50:6954-6962,1994 [arXiv: hep-lat/9406008]
    [168 Total citations in HEP]
  52. 22
    Thermodynamics of SU(3) lattice gauge theory
    By G. Boyd, J. Engels, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Legeland, M. Lutgemeier, B. Petersson (Bielefeld U.).
    Published in:Nucl.Phys.B469:419-444,1996 [arXiv: hep-lat/9602007]
    [346 Total citations in HEP]