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Here is an example of a LaTeX file that could be sent to our bibliography service, the output as LaTeX is shown below. You may also want to look at the resulting pdf document.

%Can put aliases up here:
%each of these three will appear as single bib items
%note that I can use wither the SPIRES abbrev, or the regular abbreviation
%for the journal name


\begin {document}
October 2004\\}
\title{A Really Great Paper with Excellent Bibliography}
\author{Jane Q. Physicist \\
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center \\
Stanford University, Stanford, California 94309 \\


This paper is pretty eclectic, since it cites a buch of diverse
  things.  Of course, since it has no content, that is perhaps not so

Primarily I want to refer the reader to Brodsky's recent work on Light
Front QCD \cite{LightFront}, which is relatively unrelated to the recent
work by Beacom, Bell, and Dodelson \cite{noneutrinos}.  I should also point out that
the paper by Kreitz and Brooks \cite{physics/0309027} is being cited here in a
purely self-serving manner.  

There are many papers by Dixon and others that I'd like to point out here
%Note that since I didn't alias these, they will appear as separate bib
%items, and I can do this later in the paper:
In particular I wish to point out that the work done in
\cite{JHEP.0412.015} is irrelevant to this paper.  
%If I had aliased the above 3, then tried to cite one independently, there
%would be a comment in the bibliography about this, since it isn't clear
%what you want.

%Note that you can use the SPIRES BiBTeX and LaTeX keys as well, which can
%help if you've got a paper that already uses these.
There are some items in the paper \cite{Brooks:2000nb} which I would like
to draw your attention to, but it is likely that as above, I may be citing
this for the wrong reasons.

% You can define aliases anywhere, as long as it is earlier in the file
%  than where you use them


I had better cite the most recent Review of Particle Properties
\cite{RPP}, since that
gets quite a lot of cites, while citing a few papers about stringy topics
\cite{stringy} is also worthwhile.  No paper is complete without a cite to
some extra-dimensional papers like \cite{hep-ph/9803315,hep-ph/9905221}.
Finally, let me make a mistake citing this paper \cite{hep-scifi/0101001}.

% I can have some stuff here already, but SPIRES will ignore it.

  L.~Randall and R.~Sundrum,
  %``A large mass hierarchy from a small extra dimension,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\  {\bf 83}, 3370 (1999)
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 9905221;%%



After mailing the above file to slaclib2@slac.stanford.edu, subject "generate", I was sent the following:

From no-reply@slac.stanford.edu Wed Feb 23 10:35:06 2005
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 10:34:38 -0800 (PST)
From: "Send replies to spires@slac" 
To: tcb@slac.stanford.edu
Subject: Your Bibliography

% Save this file and include it in your paper as the bibliography
% or cut and paste directly into your LaTeX

  %``Light-front QCD,''
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 0412101;%%

  S.~J.~Brodsky, J.~R.~Hiller, D.~S.~Hwang and V.~A.~Karmanov,
  %``The covariant structure of light-front wave functions and the behavior  of
  %hadronic form factors,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ D {\bf 69}, 076001 (2004)
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 0311218;%%

  J.~F.~Beacom, N.~F.~Bell and S.~Dodelson,
  %``Neutrinoless universe,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\  {\bf 93}, 121302 (2004)
  %%CITATION = ASTRO-PH 0404585;%%

  P.~A.~Kreitz and T.~C.~Brooks,
  %``Subject access through community partnerships: A Case study,''
  Sci.\ Tech.\ Libraries {\bf 24}, 153 (2003)
  %%CITATION = PHYS-ICS 0309027;%%

  Z.~Bern, L.~J.~Dixon and D.~A.~Kosower,
  %``On-shell recurrence relations for one-loop QCD amplitudes,''
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0501240;%%

  Z.~Bern, L.~J.~Dixon and D.~A.~Kosower,
  %``All next-to-maximally helicity-violating one-loop gluon amplitudes in N = 4
  %super-Yang-Mills theory,''
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0412210;%%

  L.~J.~Dixon, E.~W.~N.~Glover and V.~V.~Khoze,
  %``MHV rules for Higgs plus multi-gluon amplitudes,''
  JHEP {\bf 0412}, 015 (2004)
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0411092;%%

  T.~C.~Brooks and L.~J.~Dixon,
  %``Recalculation of proton Compton scattering in perturbative QCD,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ D {\bf 62}, 114021 (2000)
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 0004143;%%

  S.~Eidelman {\it et al.}  [Particle Data Group],
  %``Review of particle physics,''
  Phys.\ Lett.\ B {\bf 592}, 1 (2004).
  %%CITATION = PHLTA,B592,1;%%

  M.~Alishahiha, E.~Silverstein and D.~Tong,
  %``DBI in the sky,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ D {\bf 70}, 123505 (2004)
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0404084;%%

  A.~Adams, X.~Liu, J.~McGreevy, A.~Saltman and E.~Silverstein,
  %``Things fall apart: Topology change from winding tachyons,''
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0502021;%%

  A.~Saltman and E.~Silverstein,
  %``A new handle on de Sitter compactifications,''
  %%CITATION = HEP-TH 0411271;%%

  N.~Arkani-Hamed, S.~Dimopoulos and G.~R.~Dvali,
  %``The hierarchy problem and new dimensions at a millimeter,''
  Phys.\ Lett.\ B {\bf 429}, 263 (1998)
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 9803315;%%

  L.~Randall and R.~Sundrum,
  %``A large mass hierarchy from a small extra dimension,''
  Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\  {\bf 83}, 3370 (1999)
  %%CITATION = HEP-PH 9905221;%%

% No SPIRES record found for cite request hep-scifi/0101001

Which, as instructed, I pasted into my bibliography, erasing what was already there (didn't need anything there at all, but if you started to write a bibliography, better to put it aside, and see what the generated one looks like.) I also erased the commented error message at the end, and removed that cite from my paper, yielding this resulting pdf file after pasting in the SPIRES output, and TeX'ing the whole thing.

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