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Viewing your results

In the format pull-down menu you have several choices for how you want to view your results.

Shows authors (linked to other papers by that author), their affiliations (linked to our data about that institution), report numbers, publication info, and conference info.  It will also show links to any available electronic copy of the paper that we know about.  Often this includes arXiv.org and a publisher's (possibly limited access) website. We also have links to our version of the paper's reference list (if we have one), a link to "citation search" to find other papers (if any) that cite this one, LaTeX and other versions of the bibliographic info, as well as other possibly informative links.
Shows some basic bibliographic information, plus the number of other papers we know about that cite the paper.  Clicking on the number of cites takes you to those papers.
Cite summary
Performs your search, but rather than show you the individual papers, displays some statistics about the number of citations we have for the entire set of papers you found.
Display the BibTeX formatted version of our bibliographic information for the papers you found.  More information.
Same as above but a plain LaTeX format.  More information.
Same as above but with the year before the journal page.  More information.
Same as above, but suitable for pasting into harvmac
CV Format
Generates a LaTeX output file that, with minimal modification can be TeX'ed to create   a CV-style document. More help for this can be found on our CV page.
Similar to the default format, but with less information so that more results fit on a page
Result Only
Display only the number of documents found
Display minimal information with no html markup
Displays information about Fermilab Library holdings

SPIRES HEP was a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
It was superseeded by INSPIRE

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