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Please help us with your name

We need your help to ensure that searching by author name is as accurate as possible. To do this, we want to standardize (and ask you to standardize) author names in our database. As described in some detail on our author searching help page, we can largely avoid confusion if our records contain the author's middle initial.

Please browse your name in the search box below by entering your surname (or the first part of your surname). Names such as O'Connell should go in as "O Connell."

Here's an example of what you'll see. Assume there are two people named J. Physicist, Jane and John.

7     Physicist, J 
25    Physicist, J Q*
23    Physicist, J S
5     Physicist, Jane
2     Physicist, Jane Q*
1     Physicist, Jane Quantum*
6     Physicist, John
5     Physicist, John S
1     Physicisx, J

The entries marked with an asterisk (*) can all be found by the search:
find author physicist, j.q.

The five steps

  1. Identify all your papers. In the example above Jane Q. Physicist would need to identify which of the 7 "Physicist, J" papers and 5 "Physicist, Jane" belong to her (probably all in the second case). In addition there is a misspelling in the last entry (which happens mainly with transliterations but can also happen with Roman alphabet names). You'll note that you can find those using the ea (exact author) index.
  2. Decide on a standard, unique name. Because the search "physicist, j.q." uniquely and completely specifies her, she can chose to use either her initials or full name (the asterisked entries above). For experimentalists it might not always be practical to include the full name. We would like you to then adopt this name on your future papers, so that your entries can be found with a single search. With your permission we'll modify the old records to bring them into line.
  3. Your PhD information.We're interested in knowing where you did your PhD and who your supervisor/advisor was.
  4. Identify yourself in HEPNAMES. For many people we have multiple entries in the HEPNames database. This is a good time to help us clean out your old entries and have your full name in your record.
  5. Contact us. Please mail this information to spires@slac.stanford.edu.

An example

From: jphysicist@dirac.somewhere.edu
Subject: My name in SPIRES


My name is Jane Quantum Physicist. My papers
should all be found from the search
find author physicist, j.q.

Three of my papers are in the SPIRES database as
J. Physicist:
and five as Jane Physicist

My name is also misspelled in one entry
"J. Physicisx".

Please add my middle initial "Q" to those entries.
I did my PhD at Port Chester U. and my advisor was
Prof. William T. Wier.

I am currently listed twice in HEPNAMES:
Jane Physicist: +1 (212) 555 4200, jphysicist@uny.edu
J Physicist   : +44 00 44 55 23    jane.physicist@oxbridge.ac.uk

It should be
Jane Quantum Physicist: +1 (345) 555 4352 jphysicist@dirac.somewhere.edu,

SPIRES HEP was a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
It was superseeded by INSPIRE

Last Updated: 01/31/2005

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