The following form is the preferred method for including papers in the HEP-SPIRES database. It is intended for older published articles that have been published in journals, but are not available as E-prints at arXiv.org.

Updates are not automatic. They are emailed to spires@slac.stanford.edu (so you can just cut and paste the form in an email if you can't get it to work) and then we update the record in the database. They can take a few days to happen. Thanks for your patience.

Notes on data entry for a Published paper

Show me a complete example.

Each ASTR requires particular care. Simply add one ASTR entry after the other, as in Example 1. More complicated ASTR cases are shown in Examples 2, 3 and 4.

Example 1: 1 author per institute
     AUTHOR = Polyakov, M.V.;
     AFFILIATION = St. Petersburg, INP;
     AUTHOR = Weidl, G.;
     AFFILIATION = Stockholm U.; 
Example 2: Author has more than one affiliation 
     AUTHOR = Lissia, Marcello;
     AFFILIATION = INFN, Cagliari;
     AFFILIATION = Cagliari U.;  
Example 3: Institute has more than one author
     AUTHOR = Parreno, A.;
     AUTHOR = Ramos, A.;
     AFFILIATION = Barcelona U.; 
Example 4: Multiple authors at multiple affiliations 
(all authors are at all places)
     AUTHOR = Bottino, A.;
     AUTHOR = Donato, F.;
     AFFILIATION = Turin U.;
Example 5: Separate blocks of author/affilation
     AUTHOR = Bass, S.D.;
     AFFILIATION = Bonn U.;
     AFFILIATION = ECT, Trento;
     AUTHOR = Crewther, R.J.;
     AUTHOR = Thomas, A.W.;
     AFFILIATION = Adelaide U.;
     AUTHOR = Steffens, F.M.;
     AFFILIATION = Adelaide U.;
     AFFILIATION = Sao Paulo U.;

AUTHOR: Use the form

AUTHOR =  Last, First [Middle]; 
(note the comma!) Initials must be punctuated ('Smith, R.' *not* 'Smith, R') and the case of the letters is important. If there is an editor, please use
AUTHOR = Last, First M., (ed.);

AFFILIATION: Enter the name of the institution with which the article is affiliated. The institution names should be entered as listed in the SPIRES Institutions Database. If not sure of the exact spelling or phrasing of an institution's name, try the Institutions search form. The easiest way to find your particular affiliation is to look for SPIRES entries of your other papers.

If you think this is an inst. that we don't have, write the information you have (name, state or country) and add [NEW] at the end.

TITLE: Use the upper case letters for the first title-word and for personal names or acronyms only. Don't use TeX symbols.

  TITLE = Three loop results in QCD with Wilson fermions;
  TITLE = e+ e- pairs from U-238 + Pb-206 collisions;
  TITLE = Enhanced CP violation with B ---> K D0 (anti-D0) modes and 
extraction of the CKM angle gamma;

TEX-TITLE: The title as you like to see it in TeX.

 TEX-TITLE = {QCD} in the {$N_c\to\infty$} limit;
 TEX-TITLE = Solution space of {$2+1$} gravity on 
 {${\bf R} \times T^2$} in Witten's connection formulation;
 TEX-TITLE = A Measurement of {$\sin 2\beta$} 
 from {$B\to J/\psi K^0_S$} with the {CDF} detector;

Yes, the braces around the equations and the acronyms are necessary (this is to prevent anything happening to them when people run bibtex on them).

PUB-NOTE: Journal.vol:first page-last page,year; Please note the journal name must be in the SPIRES short-title format. If unsure of this check the CODEN Search Form.

  PUB-NOTE = Phys.Rev.D50:6963-6977,1994;
  PUB-NOTE = Commun.Math.Phys.145:541-560,1992;
  PUB-NOTE = Adv.Nucl.Phys.13:1-137,1984;

Sometimes an article will have two versions, say one in English and one in Russian. In this case simply use two PBN's:

 PUB-NOTE = Bull.Acad.Sci.USSR.Phys.Ser.49N7:112-115,1985;
 PUB-NOTE = Izv.Akad.Nauk Ser.Fiz.49:1355-1358,1985;

You will note here the use of "N" to denote an issue number for journals which have repetitions of page numbers throughout a single volume. Note that Pub-Note is for journals only as found in the CODEN file. Do not use for other information. Conferemces belong in CNUM and other information goes below the line.

If something was published that is not in a normal journal with a coden, volume and page, then please enter the details below the line and we'll fit it in.

DOI: The DOI (digital object ID) for the article. This is often shown on the Journal's webpage, and helps us link to the paper. it is not the same as a URL. URLs are not generally useful to us, though you can but them below the line to help us see the article

   DOI = 10.1103/PhysRevD.62.114021;

DATE: Month (in three letters) year. E.g. DATE = Dec 1998;

P: Number of pages. E.g. P = 78;

CITATION: This section lists your paper's references or bibliography (note not the subsequent papers that cite your work). References to papers published in journals must be listed in the special form
CITATION = CODEN,VolumeNumber,PageNumber;
where the SPIRES journal CODEN is a five character code. It is probably easiest to fill in this part in an editing window and then paste it into the form above.
A short list of the more common journals is given below

Astrophys.J.  (ASJOA) Class.Quant.Grav. (CQGRD) Int.J.Mod.Phys. (IMPAE)
Mod.Phys.Lett.(MPLAE) Nucl.Phys.        (NUPHA) Phys.Lett.      (PHLTA)        
Phys.Rept.    (PRPLC) Phys.Rev.         (PHRVA) Phys.Rev.Lett.  (PRLTA)
Z.Phys.       (ZEPYA) Eur.Phys.J.       (EPHJA) JHEP            (JHEPA)

Other CODENS can be found using the Journals Search Form References to E-prints should also be included. In the case of E-prints that have been published, the eprint number will suffice (as the HEP-SPIRES database can access the paper either through a call to its eprint number, or publication reference). Do not include anything other than journal references or E-prints (e.g. books, private communication, etc). This is really most useful for recently published papers, if you wish to add an older paper the references need not be included, we are far more concerned with just having the paper in the database.

 CITATION = PHRVA,D32,2419; (Phys. Rev. D 32, 2419)
 CITATION = PRLTA,28,1421;  (Phys. Rev. Lett. 28, 1421)
 CITATION = HEP-TH/9607235;
 CITATION = NUCL-TH/9709007;
 CITATION = ARXIV:0808.2513;
 CITATION = JMAPA,17,1376;  (J. Math. Phys. 17, 1376)

You can find these CITATION tags for a paper by using the LaTeX formats, e.g.:

%``A Generalized Method Of Field Quantization,''
Phys.\ Rev.\  {\bf 90}, 270 (1953).
%%CITATION = PHRVA,90,270;%%

EXP: Experiment number, as per our Experiments database

CNUM: Conference number, as per our Conference database

Other Info This space is for information that does not appear to fit elsewhere. It is better to put it here than try to fit it above

SPIRES HEP is a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
Mirrors: DESY (Germany), Fermilab (US), IHEP (Russia), Durham U. (UK), SLAC (US), YITP (Japan); LIPI (Indonesia);

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