Experiments Help

Searching this database

find date 1974
This is the date the experiment was proposed.  See below for other searchable dates.
Experiment Name
fin ee FNAL-E-0740
Must be our exact name. Be careful--Common names like D0 won't work here, we use the laboratory's numbering system, or assign our own name. 
Experiment Keywords
fin exp BABAR   fin k Cosmic   fin abs D0
All of these terms search the abstract of the experiment, any keywords assigned, and the title.  In other words, likely places to find the experiment names, as well as descriptions of the project.
  • Let us know if an experiment is hard to find this way, we can add keywords.
  • A handy way to find all experiments at a lab is
    find exp FNAL
    Since this index looks at our experiment names as well, in pieces.
Author (Participant)
find author Perl, Martin    fin a B. Richter
Usually, if you just include all the person's initials this will suffice. 
See our Author searching discussion for further information.
fin aff Cornell U.,LNS
Must be exactly the same as in our Institutions database.

Finding papers by an experiment

Try these searches in HEP to find papers by a certain experiment

  1. find exp opal
    this exp index breaks our experiment name, CERN-LEP-OPAL, into pieces
    so you can also find exp lep which finds
  2. find ee CERN-LEP-OPAL
    For this you must use our full and exact experiment name
  3. find cn D0
    This searches papers that have a collaboration listed as author. The above search finds all FNAL-E-0740 collaboration-authored papers.

Adding Experiments

Follow this link for information about how you can contribute more information to our experiments database.


If you're stuck, you can always ask us for help or go to More Help for Experiments.

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