Finding a Conference

find date July 10 2003  or fin d 7/10/03
This is the date of the conference. 
You can use "before" and "after" as well:
fin date after Feb 2003
fin t lepton photon or fin title CP violation
You can truncate words with the "#" character. 
In addition, the search terms "and", "or", and "and not" may be used with other fields.
fin t collid# and not linear and date 2003
find k la plagne or fin k SLAC and d 2004
K is a general term that includes place as well as some other information about the conference. It is likely to yield more complete results that place alone, since there may be some question about whether something is a place or a host institution or...
find place la plagne or fin pl california and d 2004
The location where the conference is/was held. This can be a town, city, country, state (U.S. only), or possibly the nearest large city.
Truncation and combinations work here too.
fin pl genev# and t collider
find cnum C03-07-10
If you know our 'cnumber' for the conference, you can use it.
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Sorting your Results

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oldest entries come first
Reverse chronological
where the newest entries come first
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faster and generally in chronological order, but not guaranteed

Viewing Results

Long View
Shows all the fields in the database, displays 25 conferences on a page at one time. 
Navigate through your results in the upper right hand corner.
Short View
Only shows the title, location and date of the conference, displays upwards of 300 conferences per page at any one time.

If you're stuck, you can always ask us for help or go to More Help for Conferences.

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