Working Rules for the Design and Management of the Highlighted and Detailed Home Pages
(Technical Pages) 1/20/97
(drafted from discussions by Joan Winters; and Pat Kreitz)
ver. 1.0 JW 12/95 ver. 1.1PK 1/97 (w/o reaction and additions yet from JW)
  1. Principles and Rules Common to Both Pages:
  1. The contents of both pages are organized into categories. The categories are defined first by an attempt to gather together links that are either used by both SLAC-internal users and external users or used by primarily external users. The majority of these links are clustered into two categories: 'Research' and 'Information from SLAC'. However, this is only a rule-of-thumb since some authors/groups may not divide their web pages and may have internally-focused administrative information as well as broadly-aimed user information on the same page. It is recognized that not all page producers may have the time, resources, or need to produce two sets of pages! Examples of externally-facing categories are: 'SLAC Research Programs'; 'Information from SLAC'; and 'Useful Information Elsewhere'. A specific example is the SPIRES Databases which are of value to the SLAC working community wherever it may be as well as the worldwide HEP community. Examples of internally-facing categories are: 'SLAC Computing and Communications'; 'SLAC Institutional Information'; and 'SLAC Divisions, Groups, & Programs'.
  2. The contents and location of items on the H/D home pages are the joint responsibility of the 'technical' home page owner, Joan Winters and the WWW Coordinating Committee, represented on a daily basis by Pat Kreitz, WWWCC chair. Joan Winters manages requests for links to these two pages and refers conflicts or problems with individual requests for links or placement of links to Pat Kreitz for resolution. Pat will work with the individual page author's WWWCC representative as necessary and will keep him/her informed of the issue and its resolution.
  3. All direct links from the 'technical' home pages shall comply with the Web Author Policies collocated on the "WWW Support" page.4. A link goes in once, e.g., not links to the SLAC Phone Book on both the button bar and within the 'Information from SLAC' category.
  1. Principles and Rules that differ:
  1. Highlighted Home Page:
  2. Each category on the Highlighted page has short annotations consisting of examples of topics included in that category. The examples are followed by e.g.: and active links.
  3. No category on the Highlighted home page may have more than three active links except 'SLAC Research Programs' which may have up to five.
  4. An item may be included on the highlighted home page as an active link due to a variety of considerations: -- use statistics, i.e., it is most efficient to have a heavily-used tool one link away; -- policy, e.g., although most SSRL users know and use SSRL's home page, it is important that a top-level collection of links at SLAC features a prominent link to SSRL; -- pragmatic concerns, e.g. emergency/safety information, which we hope will never show up very high on use statistics, yet needs to be gotten to quickly when it may be needed.
  1. Detailed Home Page:
  2. The detailed home page will mirror the information linked to from the highlighted home pages and the secondary highlighted home pages.
  3. However, because of space and presentation considerations, more acronyms or abbreviations may be used on the detailed home page than are used on the highlighted entries for the same items.

last updated: Jan. 22, 1997