2nd DRAFT 1/21/97 P. Kreitz

WWWCC Ad Hoc Ctte. to revise Highlighted and Detailed Home Pages

(for the purpose of this discussion, I'm going to refer to the joint highlighted/detailed home pages from this point on as the technical home pages.)

I propose that we establish a small ad hoc committee with a limited term which would be charged to review the purposes, contents, and categories of the present technical home pages and recommend a comprehensive revision if appropriate. It has been almost 2years since the last major revision (which moved us to the Two-Home-Page model with the present categories). Since then, SLAC's Web content, use, and expertise has evolved significantly.

Review the SLAC technical home ages to determine:
1. Is the assumption that 'technical' home pages, distinct from the Welcome "general public as audience" home page still valid?
-- If yes, does the audience of the technical home pages need clarification and/or expansion?
-- Do they address the needs of all the communities that do/should use them?
-- If no, what changes do you recommend?
2. What information should be on the technical home pages and how should it be organized?
3. Assuming the retention, for now, of a two-page model for the technical home pages, please review the criteria by which only selected links appear on the highlighted home page. See an explanation of the past criteria drafted by J. Winters and augmented by P. Kreitz. What changes, if any, should be made to the criteria by which items are judged eligible for an actual link on this home page?
4. These technical home pages are currently a shared management by the pages owner and the WWWCC. Please review the ownership, management, communications, and collaboration systems and recommend any improvements you may identify. Please recommend a revision schedule and process as part of this review.
5. This revision is envisioned to focus primarily on the content and organization of the technical pages. However, you may develop ideas, encounter problems, or wish to make recommendations which cannot be action items for your committee and which would prove valuable for a subsequent revision committee to consider. Please note these and communicate them to the WWWCC as part of your proposal/report.

1. The committee needs to remember that the SLAC technical home page, at a minimum, has two important functions: it is intended as a key tool for SLAC to communicate, share information, and conduct SLAC business; it also plays a critical role in representing SLAC to our users and the external scientific and technical community. A well-balanced review of the design and content should be informed by the broadest understanding of the needs, equipment, and expertise of the targeted user groups. The committee should feel free to call upon individuals and groups to help it in its research and discussions.
2. As part of the process, the ad hoc committee should examine the technical home page users' survey responses, review the relationship between the two technical home pages (see section explaining SLAC CORE PAGES in Introduction to WWW and should explore appropriate home pages from other sites.
3. The Ad Hoc committee should keep the broader membership of the WWWCC aware of its progress and be prepared to present conclusions and proposals to the WWWCC at the meeting on _________? 4. Once the WWWCC has approved the committee's recommendations, the revised technical home page will be reviewed/approved by the ADCC and Burt Richter.

1. Tom Mattison (chair) 5. Lisa Dunn
2. Joan Winters 6. two reps. from the WSC
3. Kathryn Henniss (TM will work with SM on identifying)
4. Tony Johnson 7. possibly Christine Quinn as an external member

owner: pkreitz@slac.stanford.edu; revised 1/23/97