New SLAC Web Information Manager Appointed

Pat Kreitz, WWW-Coordinating Committee Chairperson
Dennis Wisinski, Manager, SCS Web Support Group

The very early days of the Web at SLAC have been history-making, as documented in Jean Deken's paper, "First in the Web, But Where Are the Pieces?" One of the central figures in the pioneering days of the Web at SLAC was, and has continued to be, Joan Winters.

Originally working solely as a volunteer, but later receiving the recognition of having the responsibility for SLAC's first home page officially included in her SCS job description, Joan has created and managed SLAC's top-level highlighted and detailed home pages and has written much of the support and instruction pages that exist in the SLAC Web-site. Many of the documents Joan has written and the ideas she has championed have resulted in a careful and consistent management of SLAC's top-level Web information. As part of her efforts, she helped ensure that both neophytes and sophisticated Web users could find the information they needed with ease. Joan's many years of dedicated work have laid a lasting foundation of solid Web management at SLAC.

One certainty in Web-land as well as the remainder of life at SLAC is that change is a constant. In order to assume new responsibilities within SCS, Joan Winters will no longer be managing SLAC's top-level Web. As of April 1, 1998, Ruth McDunn has assumed that responsibility. Ruth's time will be divided, with half of it remaining in Technical Publications as Information and Document Technology Specialist and half of it now reporting to the Chair of the Web Coordinating Committee as Web Information Manager. Ruth brings many strong technical and publication skills to her new role. She welcomes your comments and suggestions in the coming months as she settles into her new responsibilities.

Please continue to use the email address: to send all Web-related requests and any comments, problems, or requested changes to the top-level SLAC Web pages. Ruth and the SCS Web Group will be working together to ensure that Web requests and other Web-related concerns are quickly addressed by the appropriate person. If you wish to discuss a Web-related issue with Ruth in real-time, she can be reached at x2014.

For more information, please contact Pat Kreitz or Dennis Wisinski.

Last update: 1 April 1998