Rights and Responsibilities of SLAC Web Support Coordinators

The SLAC Web serves two primary functions: presenting the Laboratory to the world and providing diverse resources for workers in the SLAC community. Your role as a Web Support Coordinator (WSC) is to foster these goals by guiding Web authors and users in your group. This document outlines specific rights and responsibilities to help you get started.


  1. To information, training, equipment, and tools required to effectively carry out assigned duties.
  2. To request assistance from the SLAC World Wide Web Coordinating Committee (WWWCC) and the SLAC WWW Technical Committee as needed.
  3. To access the WWWCC for intervention and/or conflict resolution.
  4. To be recognized for your role as Web Support Coordinators by inclusion in your job description.


  1. To communicate computing and publishing policies of the Department of Energy, Stanford University, SLAC, and the WWWCC.
  2. To keep current in appropriate Internet and World Wide Web technology and the application of that technology for information dissemination.
  3. To recognize and comply with appropriate copyright and privacy laws, accessibility and usability standards.
  4. To acknowledge ownership when information ownership belongs to another.
  5. To serve as group/department/division representative at Web Users Group meetings (or designate a replacement).
  6. To serve as designated backup for group/department/division Web Authors.
  7. To provide oversight and management of WWW information in your groups/department/division, as designated by group leader, department head, or division director, including but not limited to the following:

Your charge comes from the WWWCC and has been approved by the Associate Directors' Committee on Computing (ADCC).

Last Update: 11 February 2006 -- McDunn  for WWWCC