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To: [wsc nominee]

From: [associate director of division]

Re: Appointment as Division Web Support Coordinator

SLAC Web Support Coordinators Appointed by ADCC

Use of the SLAC Web has gained sufficient momentum to necessitate formal technical support at a more local level than provided by the WWW Technical Committee and the SLAC Web Users Group (SWUG). The ADCC recently approved formation of a World Wide Web Support Coordinators (WSC) group to ensure a smooth functioning of the Web at the division level and to work cooperatively with the existing WWW committee structure, especially the WWW Technical Committee. The Web Support Coordinators chairperson will report to the World Wide Web Coordinating Committee. Additionally, the WSC group will assume responsibility for a Web User Group to replace the currently existing SLAC Web Users Group (SWUG).

You have been selected as the WSC for [division or group name]. Your appointment will be reflected in your written job description and your supervisor will assist you in establishing time for the critical responsibilities associated with this appointment. Your responsibilities as a Web Support Coordinator will include:

Sharon Minton, a member of the WWW-CC, will serve as interim, three-month WSC chair. The WSC group will elect a chairperson at the end of the three-month interim period. Sharon will be contacting you soon to schedule a meeting of the newly appointed WSC group. Please give Sharon a call (x4458) if you have questions.

Congratulations on your appointment!!