Introduction to AFS Commands for WWW Authors

18 Jul 1998

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This document is a brief introduction for new authors of production WWW pages on AFS access concepts and commands. It uses damping ring group space as an example. Please substitute your own group's AFS WWW subdirectory for /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/addr, your "all" AFS group for g-www:g-addr, and your "owner" AFS group for g-www:owner-g-addr. Your group space owner can tell you what these are.


For the purposes of this example, you now have "write" and other access to the AFS WWW space of the accelerator damping ring group as that group's space owner requested. This space, in the /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/addr subdirectory, holds your group's production SLAC Web pages and files they link.

You may copy files into this space using the usual UNIX commands, Samba from Windows NT machines, or FTP file transfer programs like Fetch from the Macintosh (make sure your regular and AFS passwords are the same). For more information see How to Install Pages in the Production SLAC Web.


Getting down to system specifics, this access means you are now a member of AFS group g-www:g-addr. This group is in the Access Control List (ACL) for the /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/addr subdirectory and, by default, any of its subdirectories. Group g-www:g-addr has "all" access rights including write ("rlidwka" privileges). You may check this out by entering the AFS command:

fs listacl /afs/slac/www/grp/ad/addr

to see who is in the ACL and their access rights.

To see who's in the g-www:g-addr group, enter the AFS command:

pts member g-www:g-addr

To see who may change membership in this group, enter the AFS command:

pts member g-www:owner-g-addr

More Information

If you are not familiar with UNIX, take a look at UNIX at SLAC: Getting Started". For more on AFS, take a few minutes to review the SLAC AFS Users' Guide. Or obtain a printed copy of either manual at the Help Desk. If you are also an owner of AFS WWW production space, you may find the Introduction to AFS Duties and Powers of WWW Space Owners informative.

If you have any suggestions for how to make this document more useful, please send feedback here.