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Appropriate Use of the Web at SLAC

[Paraphrased the policy statement: Use of SLAC Information Resources]

At Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, we recognize and value the Web as a diverse, decentralized, and robust mechanism for publication, communication, and research. We support the responsible use of the Web and encourage the Laboratory community to make use of modern communications tools such as electronic mail and the World Wide Web. As a DOE funded national laboratory, we have unique obligations to protect property and interests of the United States government. In order to promote these goals, we adopt the following guidelines for appropriate use:

  1. Promote the sharing of information.
    Within the constraints identified below, users and providers should seek to use the Web to foster the sharing of information within SLAC, the research community, and the world as a whole. Information providers should adhere to accepted standards and plan for multiple browsers. Whenever possible, test pages under several different browsers, preferable on different platforms, to ensure they work. When you want the widest exposure possible, design your materials to accommodate text-only browsers.
  2. Legally protected information.
    All users should know whether information they access is subject to privacy laws or confidentiality requirements and should protect that information appropriately. Information providers must ensure that information is appropriately reviewed and approved before placing it in open access areas, that access to legally protected information is adequately restricted, and that users are informed of any such restrictions on the information. Remember also to protect copyright, patent, proprietary, and other intellectual rights.
  3. Use the Web for official purposes.
    As property of SLAC, computing and communications resources are to be used for official purposes only. In general, official purpose means those purposes required to carry out authorized programs, including program work carried out under contracts made pursuant to authority vested in SLAC. Official purposes is largely a matter of administrative discretion and determination based on a particular situation and on SLA's interest in the proposed use of the resources.
  4. Demonstrate professional, ethical, and courteous use.
    Whenever you publish, send, or copy any information outside SLAC, remember you are representing SLAC to the outside world. Strive for professionalism and use common sense. Add appropriate qualifications if the material published is not meant to represent SLAC as a whole. Acknowledge ownership when information ownership belongs to another. Notify people if they’re about to get large or unusual documents. Copying of inappropriate and/or non-business-related information is forbidden. And avoid heated comments and political disputes while utilizing SLAC resources.

Last update: May 6, 2004 -- McDunn