Contact Information

Mailing List
Our mailing list, got-sass, is the best way to find out about upcoming seminars and other SASS events. (Click here to subscribe)
Contacting the Czars
The Czars for August 2014 to December 2014 are James MacArthur ( and Derrick Boone ( Please e-mail them if you are interested in giving a talk.
Finding out About Talks
There are several ways talks are announced:
  • E-mail: Announcements go out via the mailing list. (See above.) This is the most reliable way to learn about events.
  • Google Calendar: You can subscribe to this calendar to view the basics of upcoming events. (Usually only talk titles.)
  • RSS/Atom Feed: The RSS feed includes full announcements as in the mailing list, as it can be updated indirectly but automatically with the same e-mail announcement posted to the mailing list.
  • Blogger: The News page is actually an embedded Blogger page.
  • Twitter: Like the calendar, only headlines are given, usually title, date, and location.