Contact Information

Mailing List
Our mailing list, got-sass, is the best way to find out about upcoming seminars and other SASS events. (Click here to subscribe)
Contacting the Czars
The Czars for July 2014 to December 2014 are Student X ( and Student Y ( Please e-mail them if you are interested in giving a talk.
Finding out About Talks
There are several ways talks are announced:
  • E-mail: Announcements go out via the mailing list. (See above.) This is the most reliable way to learn about events.
  • RSS/Atom Feed: The RSS feed includes full announcements as in the mailing list, as it can be updated indirectly but automatically with the same e-mail announcement posted to the mailing list.
  • Blogger: The News page is actually an embedded Blogger page.
  • Google Calendar: You can subscribe to this calendar to view the basics of upcoming events. (Usually only talk titles.)
  • Twitter: Like the calendar, only headlines are given, usually title, date, and location.