January - November 2017

Czars: Ryan Linehan and Kathryn Ledbetter
Nov 30 Are we real? Physics in a simulated universeTo Chin Yu
Nov 16 Development of an ultrafast high average power, high repetition rate laser for LCLS-IIMatt Windeler
Nov 8 Light in the time of the Luminiferous EtherBen Garber
Nov 2 Development of an ultrafast high average power, high repetition rate laser for LCLS-IIMatt Windeler
Oct 25 Coherent Scattering: When Two Bodies become ThreeNoah Kurinsky
Oct 19 Dark Fire and Neutron Star Inspirals: What can neutron stars tell us about dark matter?Dylan Reuter
Oct 12 21st Century Epicycles: My Unhealthy Obsession with the Flat EarthSean McLaughlin
Oct 5 Space Weather: The Final Frontier of Weather Prediction.Kathryn Ledbetter
Aug 23 Particle Tracking with the ATLAS FastTrackerRob Mina
Aug 16 LSST: The Next Generation Wide-Field Survey TelescopeAdam Snyder
Aug 9 Inner-shell electron recoil calibration in liquid xenonDylan Temples
Aug 2 Symmetries in Particle PhysicsDylan Reuter
Jul 26 Designing Multimodal Experiments: Combining UED and LCLSKareem Hegazy
Jul 19 What can 5% of the universe tell us about the 95%?Sean McLaughlin
Jul 12 The Hunt for Dark MatterRyan Linehan and Noah Kurinsky
Jul 5 X-rays Through the AgesKathryn Ledbetter
Jun 28 Get Crackin' and Start SLACin'Kelly Stifter
Jun 7 The Search for Heavy PhotonsMatthew Solt
May 31 The Mathematics of BlackjackDevon Powell and Chris Davis
May 24 Cylon: The Little Thermal Neutron Detector that CouldRyan Linehan
May 17 Nuclear Recoil Calibration in LUX for WIMP Event SearchesShaun Alsum
May 10 Looking for nothing: The search for dark matter at the LHC using monophoton and missing transverse energy final statesKelly Stifter
May 3 Astronomy of Ice and FireAdam Snyder
Apr 26 Introduction to Neural NetworksKareem Hegazy
Apr 19 Physics of Roman AqueductsKathryn Ledbetter
Apr 12 New Long-Lived Particle Searches at the LHCRob Mina
Mar 15 Intermittency in Solar Wind Plasma: Finding the Missing DissipationKathryn Ledbetter
Mar 8 On the Theory of Time-Dependent X-Ray ScatteringMatt Ware
Mar 1 Invisible Fastballs: A Discussion of Ultra-High-Energy Astrophysical NeutrinosRyan Linehan
Feb 22 Network Centrality: Google's PageRankEdgard Bonilla
Feb 15 Fun and Interesting Facts in Particle Physics HistoryRandy White
Feb 8 Physics in Finance: A Double-Edged SwordMichael Baumer
Feb 1 Deflategate: The Science of ScandalDevon Powell
Jan 25 The Science (and Art) of Standardizing and Predicting Cross Country RacesAdam Snyder
Jan 18 Organizational MeetingNoah Kurinsky and Dylan Rueter

September - December 2016

Czars: Noah Kurinsky and Dylan Rueter
Dec 7 Searching for 'Invisible' Dwarf Galaxies using Strong Gravitational LensingWarren Morningstar
Nov 30 LHC Beam Monitoring for CMSKelly Stifter
Nov 23 NO SASSEveryone
Nov 16 Optimal Filtering: Estimating Best Possible Measurements in the Presence of Frequency-Dependent Noise with Applications to Optics, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter Searches, and AM RadioNoah Kurinsky
Nov 2 Extra Dimensions and the Hierarchy Problem[pdf]Jong Min Yoon
Oct 26 High Power Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Sources[pdf]Alysson Vrielink
Oct 19 Quantum Field Theory without Feynman DiagramsAndrew McLeod
Oct 12 Directing a box office hit: What is the Titanic of molecular movies?Matt Ware
Sep 28 A Needle in a Haystack: Extracting Structural Information from Chemical Complexes in Solution via X-Ray ScatteringKathryn Ledbetter
Sep 21 Brighter and Shorter: LCLS configuration setups and diagnostics for super short pulses[pdf][pdf]Nora Norvel
Sep 14 Measuring the Invisible: How Statistics connects us from what in the universe we can see to what we can't.[pdf]Sean McLaughlin

Summer 2016 Seminar Series

Czars: Noah Kurinsky and Dylan Rueter
Aug 31 End of Summer Celebration and Planning MeetingEveryone
Aug 10 Soft X-Rays and LCLSDan Higley
Aug 3 Science and the Space RaceDevon Powell
Jul 27 SASS Double Header: The Building Blocks of our Universe[pdf]Joe DeRose and Dylan Rueter
Jul 13 Electron Linacs and Free-Electron Lasers[pdf][mpg][link]Bryant Garcia
Jul 6 In Silico Microscopic Plasma Processes: From Astrophysics to the LabE. P. Alves, High Energy Density Science Division
Jun 29 Dark Matter Searches: Hunting for Missing Mass from the Deepest Mines to the Edge of the Observable Universe[pdf]Noah Kurinsky
Jun 22 Wide, Fast, and Deep: Why SLAC is Building the World's Largest Digital Camera[pdf]Michael Baumer

January - June 2016

Czars: Noah Kurinsky and Dylan Rueter
Jun 15 SLAC Public ToursHila Shilon
May 18 Measuring Distance to Galaxies in DES and LSSTChris Davis
Apr 27 Science and the Space RaceDevon Powell
Apr 20 Searching for Dark Matter at Colliders: Monojet Signals ATLAS results[pdf]Noah Kurinsky
Apr 13 Exploring the SLAC Visualization Lab[link]Devon Powell
Apr 6 Beam-Based Free-Electron Laser SeedingBryant Garcia
Mar 29 750 GeV Di-Photon ExcessDylan Rueter
Mar 15 Organizational Meeting
Mar 2 Undulator Hall TourJames MacArthur
Feb 23 Laser shaping at LCLSSiqi Li
Feb 9 Nanoscale Control of All-Optical Magnetic SwitchingTianMin Lui
Feb 2 Football for Physicists[pdf]Noah Kurinsky and Dylan Rueter
Jan 26 Stop Shopping at Whole Foods: Why the organic food movement is bad for AmericaSean McLaughlin
Jan 19 Numerical Relativity: Solving EinsteinBryant Garcia

September - December 2015

Czars: Siqi Li and Ozhan Turgut
Jan 12 Organization meeting
Dec 4 Cross-Layer Soft Error ResilienceFilippos Toufexis
Nov 18 Automating Gravitational Lensing DetectionAndrew McLeod
Nov 11 Efficient Scientific Computing Informed by Processor Architectures[pdf]Noah Kurinsky
Oct 30 Optical Processes in Two-Dimensional MaterialsHanzhe Liu
Oct 14 Surface waves in open accelerating structuresMassimo Dal Forno
Oct 2 Want to look directly at the sun?James MacArthur

June - September 2015

Czars: Siqi Li and Ozhan Turgut
Jul 29 It is Rocket Science - Some basics on why sending things up there is hardBryant Garcia
Jul 22 SLAC director QA
Jul 8 Do Scientific Theories Need to be FalsifiableMichael Baumer
Jul 1 Pimping Your TerminalChris Davis

February - June 2015

Czars: James MacArthur and Ozhan Turgut
May 20 Oil wrestlingOzhan Turgut
May 13 Circular polarization from an x-ray laserJames MacArthur
Apr 29 Modern BassChris Davis
Apr 15 Organizational MeetingEverybody
Apr 1 Ballet: Swan Lake and BeyondSiqi Li
Mar 25 Non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons at room temperatureDerrick Sherrod Boone Jr
Mar 18 What can your eyes reveal ?Adi Hanuka
Mar 11 A Biography of Particle Accelerators: From Cockcroft-Walton to the LHCBryant Garcia
Feb 25 Magnetization Dynamics in FePtPatrick Granitzka
Feb 18 How to Build a TelescopeJames MacArthur
Feb 4 Organizational Meeting, Free PizzaJames MacArthur and Derrick Boone

July - December 2014

Czars: James MacArthur and Derrick Boone Jr.
Nov 12 Magnetic Micro-manipulation: How to move individual cells with a joystick like it's a Video GameTom Henigan
Nov 5 Electrons, Photons and MagnetsJames MacArthur
Oct 15 Crystal Channeling and its ApplicationsSiqi Li
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Novel Numerical Method for Simulating Collisionless PlasmasSamuel Totorica
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Identification of intra-bunch dynamics for Cern Super Proton SynchrotronOzhan Turgut
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: How CCDs WorkMike Baumer
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Weak Gravitational LensingChris Davis
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Bootstrapping Amplitudes in N=4 Super Yang-MillAndrew McLeod
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Pulse Measurement in the Time DomainHanzhe Liu
Sep 17 Everything You Wanted to Know About Warp Drives - Except How to Build OneDerrick Boone
Sep 3 The Physics of Dinosaur MotionMike Kozina
Aug 13 Summer Student Practice Talks / Grad School AdviceSLAC Summer Students

February 2014

Czars: Henrik Bjerke
Feb 12 Home Coffee RoastingSho Uemura
Feb 5 Winter OlympicsHenrik Bjerke

July - December 2013

Czars: Crystal Bray and Hilary Noad
Jan 22 More is Different[poster]Spencer Gessner
Dec 4 Org Meeting + Holiday Social[poster]Everyone
Nov 13 Invention TriviaHelen Craig
Nov 6 Dissipative Structures and Self-OrganizationGeorges Ndabashimiye
Oct 30 Early HalloweenEveryone
Oct 23 Government's BackEveryone
Oct 9 The First One is Free...[poster]Winnie Liang
Sep 25 Brain Rules[poster]Crystal Bray
Sep 19 Welcome to Stanford!!!SASS
Sep 11 Dark Matter Detection - In Space![poster]Sho Uemura
Aug 28 Lasers: Transforming the Opaque[poster]Mike Kozina
Aug 22 PSSI field tripSASS Trip
Aug 7 New Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Results from FACET[poster]Spencer Gessner

January - June 2013

Czars: James Allen and Winnie Liang
Jun 29 Movie Night: New Star Trek MovieTheater
Jun 15 Combing with a LaserMike Kozina
Jun 1 Andrei SakharovSpencer Gessner
Apr 16 Q+APersis Drell
Apr 5 tour at Jasper RidgeLead Docent
Mar 19 Org MeetingEveryone
Mar 7 SASS Field Trip: Tech MuseumJames Allen
Feb 27 MoonquakesMike Kozina
Feb 13 Temperature: History and MeasurementTrevor McQueen
Feb 6 Music21: A computer-aided musicology toolkit for pythonKristi Schneck
Jan 30 Q+AChi-Chang Kao
Jan 23 Cosmic Rays with Fermi-LATWarit Mitthumsiri
Jan 16 Minimization TechniquesSho Uemura

July - December 2012

Czars: Helen Craig and Yeming Shi
Jan 2 NO SASS: Winter ClosureNO SASS
Dec 26 NO SASS: Winter ClosureNO SASS
Dec 19 NO SASS: Winter BreakNO SASS
Dec 12 NO SASS: FinalsNO SASS
Dec 5 SASS Presents a Showing of Decay[poster]Decay
Nov 28 Organizational Meeting[poster]Everyone
Nov 21 NO SASS: ThanksgivingNO SASS
Nov 14 Overview of Linac Cohoerent Light Source[poster]Michael Kozina
Nov 7 Tour of the FACET tunnel and experimental area[poster]Spencer Gessner
Oct 31 The Science of Predicting Elections[pdf][poster]Steve Herrin
Oct 24 CANCELED: SASS goes to Jasper Ridge[poster]Joe Farrell
Oct 17 Particle Accelerators... in Space[pdf][poster]Paul Simeon
Oct 10 Puzzled?[pdf][poster]Sho Uemura
Oct 3 SASS goes to Kipac Viz Lab[poster]Mandeep S. S. Gill
Sep 26 Organizational Meeting[poster]Everyone
Sep 19 NO SASS: Orientation Week[poster]NO SASS
Sep 12 Non-academic Career Panel[poster]Yvonne Edmonds, Alan Wong, David Bernstein, Alexander Giryavets, Sameer Bhalotra
Sep 5 The force: from metal plates to the accelerating expansion of the universe[poster]Yeming Shi
Aug 29 SASS goes to Stanford Student Observatory[poster]Robert Moffatt
Aug 22 Laser Pulse Characterization and Shaping using MIIPS[pdf][pptx][poster]David Nicholson
Aug 15 The Science of Doctor Who[pdf][poster]Elwin Martin
Aug 8 Energy[pdf][poster]Burton Richter
Aug 2 After Dark: Mars[poster]Everyone
Jul 25 GPU Programming[pdf][poster]Spencer Gessner
Jul 18 Dino Science[pdf][pptx][poster]Mike Kozina
Jul 11 Death from the Skies![pdf][poster]Kristi Schneck
Jul 4 4th of July--NO SASSNO SASS

January - June 2012

Czars: Mike Kozina and Kristi Schneck
Jun 13 Finals Week
Jun 6 Ultrafast Stuctural Switching in Superionic Nanocrystals[poster]Tim Miller
May 30 Paleomagnetism[poster]Mike Kozina
May 23 Unconventional Computing[poster]Georges Ndabashimiye
May 16 The Mystery of Missing Mass[poster]Alex Drlica-Wagner
May 9 The New EdTech Movement[poster]Paul Simeon
May 2 Higher Harmonic Generation[poster]Crystal Bray
Apr 25 Ultrafast Photovoltaic Responses in Ferroelectric Thin Films[poster]Dan Daraciang
Apr 18 Philosophy of Science[poster]Martin Jankowiak
Apr 11 What makes a mountain impressive?[poster]Andrew Larkoski
Apr 4 Organizational Meeting[poster]
Mar 21 Finals Week
Mar 14 Cosmology with Gravitational Lens Time Delays[poster]Keith Bechtol
Mar 7 Magnetization Dynamics[poster]Benny Wu
Feb 29 CDMS at SLAC[pdf][poster]Kristi Schneck
Feb 22 Extrasolar Planets[poster]Warit Mitthumsiri
Feb 15 FACET: Little Beams, Big Fields[pdf][poster]Spencer Gessner
Feb 8 MagnititesRoopali Kukreja
Feb 1 EXAFS Studies of the Thermoelectric Ba8Ga16Sn30[poster]Mike Kozina
Jan 25 Questioning Quantum Mechanics?[pdf][poster]Kurt Barry
Jan 18 The Current State of Science Education in the USA[poster]Cat Graves

July - December 2011

Czars: Alex Drlica-Wagner and Alice Allafort
Jan 11 Organizational Meeting[poster]
Dec 28 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 21 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 14 Finals Week
Dec 7 Q and A with the SLAC Director[poster]Persis Drell
Nov 30 Scientific Fraud[poster]Djordje Radicevic
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 16 Controlling an Experiment[poster]Steve Herrin
Nov 9 Human Endurance Running[poster]Keith Bechtol
Nov 2 Positrons from Space![poster]Warit Mitthumsiri
Oct 26 Geologic Carbon Sequestration[poster]Natalie Johnson
Oct 12 Manganites[poster]Mark Burkhardt
Oct 5 Organizational meeting[poster]Everyone!
Sep 28 Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes[poster]Alex Drlica-Wagner
Sep 21 Break!None
Sep 14 Break!None
Sep 7 The Sun[poster]Alice Allafort
Aug 31 TBDDavid Bernstein
Aug 24 The Collatz Conjecture[poster]Andrew Larkoski
Aug 17 ALICE at LHC[poster]Ashley Parker
Aug 11 Citizen Science - NEW DATE!! -[pdf][poster]Levi Simons
Aug 3 Break for SSI
Jul 27 Next generation colliders[poster]Lauren Gilbert
Jul 20 PyMercury: Interactive Python for the Mercury Monte Carlo Particle Transport Code[poster]Forrest Iandola
Jul 13 Creativity and Reality in Science and Engineering[poster]Martin Perl

January - June 2011

Czars: Patty Voll and Katie Malone
Jul 6 Break!
Jun 29 Organizational Meeting[poster]You!
Jun 22 Sonoluminescence: Light from Sound[poster]Alex Drlica-Wagner
Jun 1 Cherenkov Telescopes[pdf][poster]Manuel Paz Arribas
May 26 SLAC Lunch Talk: Particle Accelerator on a ChipChistopher McGuinness
May 18 What is Science?[pdf][poster]Kassa Betre
May 11 Visualization Lab: Universe in 3D[poster]Ji-hoon Kim
May 4 Introduction to Genetic Algorithms[pdf][poster]Patricia Voll
Apr 27 Cerenkov Light Imgaging in Biomedicine[pdf][poster]Nicole Ackerman
Apr 20 Wernher von Braun[poster]Keith Bechtol
Apr 13 Future Science at FACET[poster]Joel Frederico
Apr 6 Organizational Meeting[poster]Katie Malone and Patty Voll
Mar 30 The Lost QCD Lecture[poster]Richard Feynman(!)
Mar 9 Planck: Early Results[poster]Stephen Osborne
Mar 2 Bose-Einstein Correlations[poster]Katie Malone
Feb 23 An Introduction to Monte Carlo[pdf][poster]Josh Lande
Feb 16 Science at LCLS[poster]Cat Graves
Feb 9 Early Universe Cosmology[poster]Bart Horn
Feb 2 Fractals: an Ode to Mandelbrot[poster]Andrew Larkoski
Jan 26 Photography for Physicists[pdf][poster]Joel Frederico
Jan 19 Jets and Jet Substructure at the LHC[poster]Martin Jankowiak
Jan 12 Organizational Meeting[poster]You!
Jan 5 Dynamical behavior of coherent phonons in semimetals: Measuring fast electron decoherence rates with slow pulses[poster]Jian Chen

July - December 2010

Czars: Andrew Larkoski and Catherine Graves
Dec 29 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 22 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 15 High Performance Computing for Science[poster]Keith Bechtol
Dec 8 Finals!
Dec 1 Scientific Opportunities in Germany[pdf][poster]Steve Ehlert
Nov 24 Thanksgiving!
Nov 17 TDAQ[poster]Josh Cogan
Nov 10 Dalitz Plots[pdf][poster]Brian Lindquist
Nov 3 LCLS: The First Round[poster]Jamie Cryan
Oct 27 The Deepwater Horizon Disaster[pdf][poster]Rudy Resch
Oct 20 How to make Ultrafast Movies of Magnetic Nanopillars[poster]David Bernstein
Oct 13 Plasma WakefieldJoel Frederico
Oct 6 Organizational Meeting[poster]You!
Sep 29 Break!None
Sep 22 QED for Beginners[pdf][pdf][poster]Wells Wulsin
Sep 15 Groups in Physics[pdf][poster]Andrew Larkoski
Sep 8 Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission: A New Approach to Solar Energy Harvesting[pptx][poster]Jared Schwede
Sep 1 Fitting the Unknown[pdf][poster]Josh Lande
Aug 25 John Harrison and the Problem of Longitude[pdf][poster]Keith Bechtol
Aug 18 How well do you 'know' physics?[pdf][poster]Warit Mitthumsiri
Aug 11 XAS[pdf][poster]Matt Antalek
Aug 4 Cognition of Visual Processes[pdf][poster]Evan Li
Jul 28 Hydrogen Storage[poster]Jacob Schalch
Jul 21 Animals of SLAC[poster]David Bernstein
Jul 14 Q and A with the SLAC Director[poster]Persis Drell
Jul 7 Demystifying the Cloud: A Survey of Cloud Computing[pdf][poster]Jesse Dunietz
Jun 30 Quantum Error-Correcting Codes: Shor's Algorithm[pdf][poster]Joel Frederico

January - June 2010

Czars: Warit Mitthumsiri and Joel Frederico
Jun 23 Organizational Meeting[poster]You!
Jun 16 (Break)
Jun 9 TBD(Finals)
Jun 2 EXO-200[poster]Derek Mackay
May 26 Fermi: From Mission Concept to Launch[poster]Keith Bechtol
May 19 Organizational Meeting[poster]You!
May 12 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy[poster]Dan Miller
Apr 14 LHC Theory[pdf][poster]Andrew Larkoski
Mar 31 Methods of Dark Matter Detection[poster]Rudy Resch
Mar 17 Richard Phillips Feynman - The Last Journey of a Genius (1988)Movie
Mar 10 EEHG 101: Echo 7[key][ppt][pdf][poster]Pierre Pernet, Joel Frederico
Mar 3 Einstein's Politics[pdf][pdf][poster]Wells Wulsin
Feb 24 Optical Fiber Communication[pptx][pdf][poster]Zafar Yasin
Feb 17 Organizational Meeting[pdf][poster]You!
Feb 10 Gell-Mann on Beauty and Truth in Physics[poster](Movie)
Feb 3 Quantum Field Theory[pdf]Martin Nagel
Jan 27 SQUIDs: Beyond CalamariTom Lippman
Jan 20 TBDPower outage!!!
Jan 13 Organizational MeetingYou!

June - December 2009

Czars: Dan Miller and Joshua Lande
Jan 27 SQUIDS[pdf]Tom Lippman
Nov 25 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 18 California Wildflowers[pdf][poster]Dave Bernstein
Nov 4 X-ray Diffractive Imaging: A TutorialDiling Zhu
Oct 28 Fuel Cells[ppt][poster]Daniel Miller
Oct 21 Gravitation: Introduction to the Einstein equations[pdf][poster]Manuel Franco Sevilla
Oct 14 Water[ppt]Ira Waluyo
Oct 7 What You Didn't Know About Neutrinos[pdf]Nicole Ackerman
Sep 30 STXM[pptx]Cat Graves
Sep 23 Engineering the LHC[pdf][poster]Wells Wulsin
Sep 16 The Electrifying Nikola Tesla[ppt][poster]Keith Bechtol
Sep 9 Life with More Than 4: Extra Dimensions[pdf]Andrew Larkoski
Sep 2 Oil and CatalysisToyli Anniyev
Aug 26 Colossal Magnetoresistance [pdf]Mark Burkhardt
Aug 19 Ancient Physics[ppt]Joshua Lande
Aug 12 Simulating the Gamma Ray Sky[ppt]Andrew McLeod
Aug 5 Batteries[pdf]Kelton Stefan
Jul 29 Musical OvertonesMarc Davidson
Jul 22 In Search of Pi[pdf]Aidan Sean Randle-Conde
Jul 8 The Fauna of SLAC[pdf]Dave Bernstein
Jul 1 Organizational MeetingYou!
Jun 24 Modern Cosmology[pptx]Alex Drlica-Wagner

January - June 2009

Czars: Steve Herrin and Daniel Ratner
Jun 17 An Overview of Recent Fermi Results [pdf]Joshua Lande
Jun 10 Machine Learning Steve Herrin
May 27 XRF Imaging [pdf]Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff
May 20 IceCube[pdf]Wells Wulsin
May 13 Tour of Jasper Ridge Biological PreserveDave Bernstein
May 6 The Cantor Set[jpg][jpg][jpg]Josh Cogan
Apr 29 Superconductivity[ppt]Nicholas Breznay
Apr 22 Supersymmetry[pdf]Andrew Larkoski
Apr 8 Dark Matter Search[pdf]Andrew Wagner
Apr 1 Gamma-ray Bursts[ppt]Aurelien Bouvier
Mar 11 Introduction to Philosophy of Science[pdf]Eugenia Puccio
Mar 4 High Resolution Magnetic Imaging[ppt]Lisa Qian
Feb 25 Ultrafast Dynamics of Water[ppt]Erzsi Szilagyi
Feb 18 Hidden Message[ppt]Chihway Chang
Feb 11 The Copernican Revolution [pdf]Aidan Randle-Conde
Feb 4 HESS[pdf]Steven Ehlert
Jan 28 FLASH: Spectroscopy with FELs [pdf]David Bernstein
Jan 21 Unix Tutorial[pdf]Joshua Lande
Jan 14 Large Scale Physics in a Small Scale Space[pdf]Susannah Dickerson

July - December 2008

Czars: Nicole Ackerman and Keith Bechtol
Dec 3 Diversity in Physics[pdf]Nicole Ackerman
Nov 26 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 19 Organizational Meeting[link]YOU!
Nov 12 Solar Power[pdf]Jake Anderson
Nov 5 History of neutrinosSteve Herrin
Oct 29 ITER: The journey to nuclear fusion[pdf]Paul Simeon
Oct 22 Main ControlDanielle Sanzone
Oct 8 LSST -- may stars be the actors and dark energy direct, shoot a-- -- movie in the sky[ppt]Chihway Chang
Oct 1 X-ray Lasers and You: An LCLS Primer[ppt]Daniel Ratner
Sep 24 Measurement Problems in Quantum Mechanics[pdf]Wells Wulsin
Sep 10 Accelerator Basics[ppt]Martin Nagel
Sep 3 Plasma Wakefield Accelerators using TW Lasers[ppt]Andreas Walker
Aug 27 The Earth from Space[ppt]Keith Bechtol
Aug 20 Teaching and EducationZack Valdez
Aug 13 Hadron Therapy [pdf]Aidan Randle-Conde
Aug 6 Writing for your Science[ppt]Calla Cofield
Jul 30 Cosmology, Gravity and Large-scale StructureAdam Mantz
Jul 23 KamLAND: where we've been, where we hope to go[pdf]Kathy Downum
Jul 16 Ultrafast Magnetization DynamicsSara Gamble
Jul 9 Organizational Meeting - Bring your ideas! You!
Jul 2 Accelerating electrons...and scaling cliffsChris McGuinness

January - June 2008

Czars: Wells Wulsin and Manuel Franco Sevilla
Jun 25 No meeting
Jun 18 HEP to medical physics[mov]Adam Cunha
Jun 11 No meeting - Finals week
Jun 4 VizLab TourFen Zhao
May 28 Acoustic Detection of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray NeutrinosNaoko Kurahashi
May 21 Gravitational Wave Detection with Atom InterferometrySurjeet Rajendran
May 14 Catch me if you can: Searching for gluinos at the Tevatron[pdf]Mariangela Lisanti
May 7 Ultracold Plasmas[pdf][ppt]Zafar Yasin
Apr 30 GLAST and the search for dark matter[pdf]Yvonne Edmonds
Apr 23 BaBar for Dummies[pdf]Andrew Wagner
Apr 16 Pragmatic Astronomy[pdf]Lance Simms
Apr 9 No meeting - A much deserved rest
Apr 2 Innovations in teaching introductory physics[ppt][pdf]Wells Wulsin
Mar 26 If I only had a brane - a story about gravity and QCD[pdf]Florian Bernlochner
Mar 19 Measurement of beta in charmless B decays[pdf]Josh Thompson
Mar 12 Neutrino mixing and the KamLAND experiment[pdf]Manuel Franco Sevilla
Mar 5 Plasma wakefield acceleration: An experimental view[pdf]Ian Blumenfeld
Feb 27 Bell's Theorem...What?![pdf]Kyle Knoepfel
Feb 20 No meeting - BaBar collaboration mtg
Feb 13 No meeting - BaBar analysis school
Feb 6 Gravitational Lensing[pdf]Doug Applegate
Jan 30 CP Asymmetry in B -> pi decays[pdf][ppt]Mark Allen
Jan 23 Search for neutrinoless double beta decays with EXO[ppt][pdf]Derek Mackay and Nicole Ackerman
Jan 16 Physics prospects at a Super-B Factory[pdf]Michael Mazur