September - December 2015
Czars: Siqi Li and Ozhan Turgut
Nov 11 Efficient Scientific Computing Informed by Processor Architectures Noah A. Kurinsky
Oct 30 optical processes in two-dimensional materials Hanzhe Liu
Oct 14 Surface waves in open accelerating structures Massimo Dal Forno
Oct 2 Want to look directly at the sun? James MacArthur
June - September 2015
Czars: Siqi Li and Ozhan Turgut
Jul 29 It is Rocket Science - Some basics on why sending things up there is hard Bryant Garcia
Jul 22 SLAC director QA
Jul 8 Do Scientific Theories Need to be Falsifiable Michael Baumer
Jul 1 Pimping Your Terminal Chris Davis
February - June 2015
Czars: James MacArthur and Ozhan Turgut
May 20 Oil wrestling Ozhan Turgut
May 13 Circular polarization from an x-ray laser James MacArthur
Apr 29 Modern Bass Chris Davis
Apr 15 Organizational Meeting Everybody
Apr 1 Ballet: Swan Lake and Beyond Siqi Li
Mar 25 Non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons at room temperature Derrick Sherrod Boone Jr
Mar 18 What can your eyes reveal ? Adi Hanuka
Mar 11 A Biography of Particle Accelerators: From Cockcroft-Walton to the LHC Bryant Garcia
Feb 25 Magnetization Dynamics in FePt Patrick Granitzka
Feb 18 How to Build a Telescope James MacArthur
Feb 4 Organizational Meeting, Free Pizza James MacArthur and Derrick Boone
July - December 2014
Czars: James MacArthur and Derrick Boone Jr.
Nov 12 Magnetic Micro-manipulation: How to move individual cells with a joystick like it's a Video Game Tom Henigan
Nov 5 Electrons, Photons and Magnets James MacArthur
Oct 15 Crystal Channeling and its Applications Siqi Li
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Novel Numerical Method for Simulating Collisionless Plasmas Samuel Totorica
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Identification of intra-bunch dynamics for Cern Super Proton Synchrotron Ozhan Turgut
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: How CCDs Work Mike Baumer
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Weak Gravitational Lensing Chris Davis
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Bootstrapping Amplitudes in N=4 Super Yang-Mill Andrew McLeod
Oct 8 Shotgun talk: Pulse Measurement in the Time Domain Hanzhe Liu
Sep 17 Everything You Wanted to Know About Warp Drives - Except How to Build One Derrick Boone
Sep 3 The Physics of Dinosaur Motion Mike Kozina
Aug 13 Summer Student Practice Talks / Grad School Advice SLAC Summer Students
February 2014
Czars: Henrik Bjerke
Feb 12 Home Coffee Roasting Sho Uemura
Feb 5 Winter Olympics Henrik Bjerke
July - December 2013
Czars: Crystal Bray and Hilary Noad
Jan 22 More is Different[poster] Spencer Gessner
Dec 4 Org Meeting + Holiday Social[poster] Everyone
Nov 13 Invention Trivia Helen Craig
Nov 6 Dissipative Structures and Self-Organization Georges Ndabashimiye
Oct 30 Early Halloween Everyone
Oct 23 Government's Back Everyone
Oct 9 The First One is Free...[poster] Winnie Liang
Sep 25 Brain Rules[poster] Crystal Bray
Sep 19 Welcome to Stanford!!! SASS
Sep 11 Dark Matter Detection - In Space![poster] Sho Uemura
Aug 28 Lasers: Transforming the Opaque[poster] Mike Kozina
Aug 22 PSSI field trip SASS Trip
Aug 7 New Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Results from FACET[poster] Spencer Gessner
January - June 2013
Czars: James Allen and Winnie Liang
Jun 29 Movie Night: New Star Trek Movie Theater
Jun 15 Combing with a Laser Mike Kozina
Jun 1 Andrei Sakharov Spencer Gessner
Apr 16 Q+A Persis Drell
Apr 5 tour at Jasper Ridge Lead Docent
Mar 19 Org Meeting Everyone
Mar 7 SASS Field Trip: Tech Museum James Allen
Feb 27 Moonquakes Mike Kozina
Feb 13 Temperature: History and Measurement Trevor McQueen
Feb 6 Music21: A computer-aided musicology toolkit for python Kristi Schneck
Jan 30 Q+A Chi-Chang Kao
Jan 23 Cosmic Rays with Fermi-LAT Warit Mitthumsiri
Jan 16 Minimization Techniques Sho Uemura
July - December 2012
Czars: Helen Craig and Yeming Shi
Jan 2 NO SASS: Winter Closure NO SASS
Dec 26 NO SASS: Winter Closure NO SASS
Dec 19 NO SASS: Winter Break NO SASS
Dec 12 NO SASS: Finals NO SASS
Dec 5 SASS Presents a Showing of Decay[poster] Decay
Nov 28 Organizational Meeting[poster] Everyone
Nov 21 NO SASS: Thanksgiving NO SASS
Nov 14 Overview of Linac Cohoerent Light Source[poster] Michael Kozina
Nov 7 Tour of the FACET tunnel and experimental area[poster] Spencer Gessner
Oct 31 The Science of Predicting Elections[pdf][poster] Steve Herrin
Oct 24 CANCELED: SASS goes to Jasper Ridge[poster] Joe Farrell
Oct 17 Particle Accelerators... in Space[pdf][poster] Paul Simeon
Oct 10 Puzzled?[pdf][poster] Sho Uemura
Oct 3 SASS goes to Kipac Viz Lab[poster] Mandeep S. S. Gill
Sep 26 Organizational Meeting[poster] Everyone
Sep 19 NO SASS: Orientation Week[poster] NO SASS
Sep 12 Non-academic Career Panel[poster] Yvonne Edmonds, Alan Wong, David Bernstein, Alexander Giryavets, Sameer Bhalotra
Sep 5 The force: from metal plates to the accelerating expansion of the universe[poster] Yeming Shi
Aug 29 SASS goes to Stanford Student Observatory[poster] Robert Moffatt
Aug 22 Laser Pulse Characterization and Shaping using MIIPS[pdf][pptx][poster] David Nicholson
Aug 15 The Science of Doctor Who[pdf][poster] Elwin Martin
Aug 8 Energy[pdf][poster] Burton Richter
Aug 2 After Dark: Mars[poster] Everyone
Jul 25 GPU Programming[pdf][poster] Spencer Gessner
Jul 18 Dino Science[pdf][pptx][poster] Mike Kozina
Jul 11 Death from the Skies![pdf][poster] Kristi Schneck
Jul 4 4th of July--NO SASS NO SASS
January - June 2012
Czars: Mike Kozina and Kristi Schneck
Jun 13 Finals Week
Jun 6 Ultrafast Stuctural Switching in Superionic Nanocrystals[poster] Tim Miller
May 30 Paleomagnetism[poster] Mike Kozina
May 23 Unconventional Computing[poster] Georges Ndabashimiye
May 16 The Mystery of Missing Mass[poster] Alex Drlica-Wagner
May 9 The New EdTech Movement[poster] Paul Simeon
May 2 Higher Harmonic Generation[poster] Crystal Bray
Apr 25 Ultrafast Photovoltaic Responses in Ferroelectric Thin Films[poster] Dan Daraciang
Apr 18 Philosophy of Science[poster] Martin Jankowiak
Apr 11 What makes a mountain impressive?[poster] Andrew Larkoski
Apr 4 Organizational Meeting[poster]
Mar 21 Finals Week
Mar 14 Cosmology with Gravitational Lens Time Delays[poster] Keith Bechtol
Mar 7 Magnetization Dynamics[poster] Benny Wu
Feb 29 CDMS at SLAC[pdf][poster] Kristi Schneck
Feb 22 Extrasolar Planets[poster] Warit Mitthumsiri
Feb 15 FACET: Little Beams, Big Fields[pdf][poster] Spencer Gessner
Feb 8 Magnitites Roopali Kukreja
Feb 1 EXAFS Studies of the Thermoelectric Ba8Ga16Sn30[poster] Mike Kozina
Jan 25 Questioning Quantum Mechanics?[pdf][poster] Kurt Barry
Jan 18 The Current State of Science Education in the USA[poster] Cat Graves
July - December 2011
Czars: Alex Drlica-Wagner and Alice Allafort
Jan 11 Organizational Meeting[poster]
Dec 28 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 21 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 14 Finals Week
Dec 7 Q and A with the SLAC Director[poster] Persis Drell
Nov 30 Scientific Fraud[poster] Djordje Radicevic
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 16 Controlling an Experiment[poster] Steve Herrin
Nov 9 Human Endurance Running[poster] Keith Bechtol
Nov 2 Positrons from Space![poster] Warit Mitthumsiri
Oct 26 Geologic Carbon Sequestration[poster] Natalie Johnson
Oct 12 Manganites[poster] Mark Burkhardt
Oct 5 Organizational meeting[poster] Everyone!
Sep 28 Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes[poster] Alex Drlica-Wagner
Sep 21 Break! None
Sep 14 Break! None
Sep 7 The Sun[poster] Alice Allafort
Aug 31 TBD David Bernstein
Aug 24 The Collatz Conjecture[poster] Andrew Larkoski
Aug 17 ALICE at LHC[poster] Ashley Parker
Aug 11 Citizen Science - NEW DATE!! -[pdf][poster] Levi Simons
Aug 3 Break for SSI
Jul 27 Next generation colliders[poster] Lauren Gilbert
Jul 20 PyMercury: Interactive Python for the Mercury Monte Carlo Particle Transport Code[poster] Forrest Iandola
Jul 13 Creativity and Reality in Science and Engineering[poster] Martin Perl
January - June 2011
Czars: Patty Voll and Katie Malone
Jul 6 Break!
Jun 29 Organizational Meeting[poster] You!
Jun 22 Sonoluminescence: Light from Sound[poster] Alex Drlica-Wagner
Jun 1 Cherenkov Telescopes[pdf][poster] Manuel Paz Arribas
May 26 SLAC Lunch Talk: Particle Accelerator on a Chip Chistopher McGuinness
May 18 What is Science?[pdf][poster] Kassa Betre
May 11 Visualization Lab: Universe in 3D[poster] Ji-hoon Kim
May 4 Introduction to Genetic Algorithms[pdf][poster] Patricia Voll
Apr 27 Cerenkov Light Imgaging in Biomedicine[pdf][poster] Nicole Ackerman
Apr 20 Wernher von Braun[poster] Keith Bechtol
Apr 13 Future Science at FACET[poster] Joel Frederico
Apr 6 Organizational Meeting[poster] Katie Malone and Patty Voll
Mar 30 The Lost QCD Lecture[poster] Richard Feynman(!)
Mar 9 Planck: Early Results[poster] Stephen Osborne
Mar 2 Bose-Einstein Correlations[poster] Katie Malone
Feb 23 An Introduction to Monte Carlo[pdf][poster] Josh Lande
Feb 16 Science at LCLS[poster] Cat Graves
Feb 9 Early Universe Cosmology[poster] Bart Horn
Feb 2 Fractals: an Ode to Mandelbrot[poster] Andrew Larkoski
Jan 26 Photography for Physicists[pdf][poster] Joel Frederico
Jan 19 Jets and Jet Substructure at the LHC[poster] Martin Jankowiak
Jan 12 Organizational Meeting[poster] You!
Jan 5 Dynamical behavior of coherent phonons in semimetals: Measuring fast electron decoherence rates with slow pulses[poster] Jian Chen
July - December 2010
Czars: Andrew Larkoski and Catherine Graves
Dec 29 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 22 SLAC Shutdown
Dec 15 High Performance Computing for Science[poster] Keith Bechtol
Dec 8 Finals!
Dec 1 Scientific Opportunities in Germany[pdf][poster] Steve Ehlert
Nov 24 Thanksgiving!
Nov 17 TDAQ[poster] Josh Cogan
Nov 10 Dalitz Plots[pdf][poster] Brian Lindquist
Nov 3 LCLS: The First Round[poster] Jamie Cryan
Oct 27 The Deepwater Horizon Disaster[pdf][poster] Rudy Resch
Oct 20 How to make Ultrafast Movies of Magnetic Nanopillars[poster] David Bernstein
Oct 13 Plasma Wakefield Joel Frederico
Oct 6 Organizational Meeting[poster] You!
Sep 29 Break! None
Sep 22 QED for Beginners[pdf][pdf][poster] Wells Wulsin
Sep 15 Groups in Physics[pdf][poster] Andrew Larkoski
Sep 8 Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission: A New Approach to Solar Energy Harvesting[pptx][poster] Jared Schwede
Sep 1 Fitting the Unknown[pdf][poster] Josh Lande
Aug 25 John Harrison and the Problem of Longitude[pdf][poster] Keith Bechtol
Aug 18 How well do you 'know' physics?[pdf][poster] Warit Mitthumsiri
Aug 11 XAS[pdf][poster] Matt Antalek
Aug 4 Cognition of Visual Processes[pdf][poster] Evan Li
Jul 28 Hydrogen Storage[poster] Jacob Schalch
Jul 21 Animals of SLAC[poster] David Bernstein
Jul 14 Q and A with the SLAC Director[poster] Persis Drell
Jul 7 Demystifying the Cloud: A Survey of Cloud Computing[pdf][poster] Jesse Dunietz
Jun 30 Quantum Error-Correcting Codes: Shor's Algorithm[pdf][poster] Joel Frederico
January - June 2010
Czars: Warit Mitthumsiri and Joel Frederico
Jun 23 Organizational Meeting[poster] You!
Jun 16 (Break)
Jun 9 TBD (Finals)
Jun 2 EXO-200[poster] Derek Mackay
May 26 Fermi: From Mission Concept to Launch[poster] Keith Bechtol
May 19 Organizational Meeting[poster] You!
May 12 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy[poster] Dan Miller
Apr 14 LHC Theory[pdf][poster] Andrew Larkoski
Mar 31 Methods of Dark Matter Detection[poster] Rudy Resch
Mar 17 Richard Phillips Feynman - The Last Journey of a Genius (1988) Movie
Mar 10 EEHG 101: Echo 7[key][ppt][pdf][poster] Pierre Pernet, Joel Frederico
Mar 3 Einstein's Politics[pdf][pdf][poster] Wells Wulsin
Feb 24 Optical Fiber Communication[pptx][pdf][poster] Zafar Yasin
Feb 17 Organizational Meeting[pdf][poster] You!
Feb 10 Gell-Mann on Beauty and Truth in Physics[poster] (Movie)
Feb 3 Quantum Field Theory[pdf] Martin Nagel
Jan 27 SQUIDs: Beyond Calamari Tom Lippman
Jan 20 TBD Power outage!!!
Jan 13 Organizational Meeting You!
June - December 2009
Czars: Dan Miller and Joshua Lande
Jan 27 SQUIDS[pdf] Tom Lippman
Nov 25 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 18 California Wildflowers[pdf][poster] Dave Bernstein
Nov 4 X-ray Diffractive Imaging: A Tutorial Diling Zhu
Oct 28 Fuel Cells[ppt][poster] Daniel Miller
Oct 21 Gravitation: Introduction to the Einstein equations[pdf][poster] Manuel Franco Sevilla
Oct 14 Water[ppt] Ira Waluyo
Oct 7 What You Didn't Know About Neutrinos[pdf] Nicole Ackerman
Sep 30 STXM[pptx] Cat Graves
Sep 23 Engineering the LHC[pdf][poster] Wells Wulsin
Sep 16 The Electrifying Nikola Tesla[ppt][poster] Keith Bechtol
Sep 9 Life with More Than 4: Extra Dimensions[pdf] Andrew Larkoski
Sep 2 Oil and Catalysis Toyli Anniyev
Aug 26 Colossal Magnetoresistance [pdf] Mark Burkhardt
Aug 19 Ancient Physics[ppt] Joshua Lande
Aug 12 Simulating the Gamma Ray Sky[ppt] Andrew McLeod
Aug 5 Batteries[pdf] Kelton Stefan
Jul 29 Musical Overtones Marc Davidson
Jul 22 In Search of Pi[pdf] Aidan Sean Randle-Conde
Jul 8 The Fauna of SLAC[pdf] Dave Bernstein
Jul 1 Organizational Meeting You!
Jun 24 Modern Cosmology[pptx] Alex Drlica-Wagner
January - June 2009
Czars: Steve Herrin and Daniel Ratner
Jun 17 An Overview of Recent Fermi Results [pdf] Joshua Lande
Jun 10 Machine Learning Steve Herrin
May 27 XRF Imaging [pdf] Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff
May 20 IceCube[pdf] Wells Wulsin
May 13 Tour of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Dave Bernstein
May 6 The Cantor Set[jpg][jpg][jpg] Josh Cogan
Apr 29 Superconductivity[ppt] Nicholas Breznay
Apr 22 Supersymmetry[pdf] Andrew Larkoski
Apr 8 Dark Matter Search[pdf] Andrew Wagner
Apr 1 Gamma-ray Bursts[ppt] Aurelien Bouvier
Mar 11 Introduction to Philosophy of Science[pdf] Eugenia Puccio
Mar 4 High Resolution Magnetic Imaging[ppt] Lisa Qian
Feb 25 Ultrafast Dynamics of Water[ppt] Erzsi Szilagyi
Feb 18 Hidden Message[ppt] Chihway Chang
Feb 11 The Copernican Revolution [pdf] Aidan Randle-Conde
Feb 4 HESS[pdf] Steven Ehlert
Jan 28 FLASH: Spectroscopy with FELs [pdf] David Bernstein
Jan 21 Unix Tutorial[pdf] Joshua Lande
Jan 14 Large Scale Physics in a Small Scale Space[pdf] Susannah Dickerson
July - December 2008
Czars: Nicole Ackerman and Keith Bechtol
Dec 3 Diversity in Physics[pdf] Nicole Ackerman
Nov 26 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 19 Organizational Meeting[html] YOU!
Nov 12 Solar Power[pdf] Jake Anderson
Nov 5 History of neutrinos Steve Herrin
Oct 29 ITER: The journey to nuclear fusion[pdf] Paul Simeon
Oct 22 Main Control Danielle Sanzone
Oct 8 LSST -- may stars be the actors and dark energy direct, shoot a-- -- movie in the sky[ppt] Chihway Chang
Oct 1 X-ray Lasers and You: An LCLS Primer[ppt] Daniel Ratner
Sep 24 Measurement Problems in Quantum Mechanics[pdf] Wells Wulsin
Sep 10 Accelerator Basics[ppt] Martin Nagel
Sep 3 Plasma Wakefield Accelerators using TW Lasers[ppt] Andreas Walker
Aug 27 The Earth from Space[ppt] Keith Bechtol
Aug 20 Teaching and Education Zack Valdez
Aug 13 Hadron Therapy [pdf] Aidan Randle-Conde
Aug 6 Writing for your Science[ppt] Calla Cofield
Jul 30 Cosmology, Gravity and Large-scale Structure Adam Mantz
Jul 23 KamLAND: where we've been, where we hope to go[pdf] Kathy Downum
Jul 16 Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics Sara Gamble
Jul 9 Organizational Meeting - Bring your ideas! You!
Jul 2 Accelerating electrons...and scaling cliffs Chris McGuinness
January - June 2008
Czars: Wells Wulsin and Manuel Franco Sevilla
Jun 25 No meeting
Jun 18 HEP to medical physics[mov] Adam Cunha
Jun 11 No meeting - Finals week
Jun 4 VizLab Tour Fen Zhao
May 28 Acoustic Detection of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Neutrinos Naoko Kurahashi
May 21 Gravitational Wave Detection with Atom Interferometry Surjeet Rajendran
May 14 Catch me if you can: Searching for gluinos at the Tevatron[pdf] Mariangela Lisanti
May 7 Ultracold Plasmas[pdf][ppt] Zafar Yasin
Apr 30 GLAST and the search for dark matter[pdf] Yvonne Edmonds
Apr 23 BaBar for Dummies[pdf] Andrew Wagner
Apr 16 Pragmatic Astronomy[pdf] Lance Simms
Apr 9 No meeting - A much deserved rest
Apr 2 Innovations in teaching introductory physics[ppt][pdf] Wells Wulsin
Mar 26 If I only had a brane - a story about gravity and QCD[pdf] Florian Bernlochner
Mar 19 Measurement of beta in charmless B decays[pdf] Josh Thompson
Mar 12 Neutrino mixing and the KamLAND experiment[pdf] Manuel Franco Sevilla
Mar 5 Plasma wakefield acceleration: An experimental view[pdf] Ian Blumenfeld
Feb 27 Bell's Theorem...What?![pdf] Kyle Knoepfel
Feb 20 No meeting - BaBar collaboration mtg
Feb 13 No meeting - BaBar analysis school
Feb 6 Gravitational Lensing[pdf] Doug Applegate
Jan 30 CP Asymmetry in B -> pi decays[pdf][ppt] Mark Allen
Jan 23 Search for neutrinoless double beta decays with EXO[ppt][pdf] Derek Mackay and Nicole Ackerman
Jan 16 Physics prospects at a Super-B Factory[pdf] Michael Mazur