About Us

SASS is a student-run organization dedicated to serving the needs of students at SLAC. We seek to build a student community that supports learning, communication skill development, and exploration of research and careers. Each week we host seminars delivered by and for SLAC students.
Our Constitution
Our constitution was written in the fall of 2008. It was ratified at the January 2009 meeting.
SASS is run by two 'czars' who organize seminars. All students at SLAC are welcome to provide feedback, give talks, or become czars.
We thank SLAC's Particle Physics and Astrophysics Stanford Fund for providing refreshments for our seminars each week.
SASS was started in January of 2008 by Wells Wulsin and Manuel Franco Sevilla.
Past Czars

Summer and Autumn of 2015: Ozhan Turgut & Siqi Li.

Winter and Spring of 2015: James MacArthur & Ozhan Turgut.

Summer and Autumn of 2014: James MacArthur & Derrick Boone Jr.

February 2014: Henrik Bjerke

Summer and Autumn of 2013: Crystal Bray & Hilary Noad

Winter and Spring of 2013: James Allen & Winnie Liang

Summer and Autumn of 2012: Helen Craig & Yeming Shi

Winter and Spring of 2012: Mike Kozina & Kristi Schneck

Summer and Autumn of 2011: Alex Drlica-Wagner & Alice Allafort

Winter and Spring of 2011: Patty Voll & Katie Malone

Summer and Autumn of 2010: Andrew Larkoski & Catherine Graves

Winter and Spring of 2010: Warit Mitthumsiri & Joel Frederico

Summer and Autumn of 2009: Dan Miller & Joshua Lande

Winter and Spring of 2009: Steve Herrin & Daniel Ratner

Summer and Autumn of 2008: Nicole Ackerman & Keith Bechtol

Winter and Spring of 2008: Wells Wulsin & Manuel Franco Sevilla