A Needle in a Haystack: Extracting Structural Information from Chemical Complexes in Solution via X-Ray Scattering

Speaker: Kathryn Ledbetter

Time: 12:00pm September 28th, 2016

Location: SUSB 4006


Scientists have been using X-rays to measure chemical bond lengths in crystals for a hundred years, but only recently have we been able to extend this capability to non-crystalline compounds. Why? There are a host of problems, but today we are able to extract information about bond length changes in solution on picosecond timescales. In this talk, I will discuss the methods we use to extend X-ray diffraction techniques to samples in solution. Using brighter X-rays, clever sample delivery techniques, and powerful data processing, the tiniest percentage of a signal can be extracted from X-ray scattering measurements to probe the photochemical behavior of chemical complexes in solution.