LSST: The Next Generation Wide-Field Survey Telescope

Speaker: Adam Snyder

Time: 5:15PM August 16 2017

Location: Kavli, 3rd floor


The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is an 8-meter class wide-field survey telescope currently being constructed in the Chilean Andes. Once completed in the early 2020s, LSST will begin a 10 year survey that will result in one of the largest and most comprehensive optical surveys in existence. I will outline the motivation for the construction of a wide-field survey telescope that is wide, fast and deep and the questions regarding the structure and evolution of the universe that the LSST survey is designed to address. I will present an introduction to the LSST telescope and camera technologies and the scope of the final survey products. Finally I will discuss the role that SLAC plays in the integration and testing of the LSST camera as well as some of the work I perform studying the LSST camera sensors.