LHC Beam Monitoring for CMS

Speaker: Kelly Stifter

Time: 12:30pm November 30, 2016

Location: SUSB 4006


When I was an undergrad, I was lucky enough to work directly on LHC instrumentation. I helped install the Beam Halo Monitor (BHM) detector system in the CMS cavern, which measures the machine-induced background (MIB) from the LHC. This background originates from interactions of the LHC beam halo with the final set of collimators before the CMS experiment and from beam gas interactions. The BHM detector uses the directional nature of Cherenkov radiation and event timing to select particles coming from the direction of the beam and to suppress those originating from the interaction point. The data are processed in real time to yield a precise measurement of per-bunch-crossing background rate. This measurement is made available to CMS and the LHC, to provide real-time feedback on the beam quality and to improve the efficiency of data taking. In this talk I will give an overview of the detector technology and electronics, as well as some of our first results.