Nuclear Recoil Calibration in LUX for WIMP Event Searches

Speaker: Shaun Alsum

Time: 12:00pm May 17 2017

Location: SUSB Havasu Conference Room (3004)


This week's SASS will be a dusted off and very slightly modified version of my old Prelim (think thesis proposal) talk. It is an overview of the LUX detector and experiment with a focus on its nuclear recoil calibration and recent results. The LUX detector is a xenon dual-phase time projection chamber (TPC) created to detect WIMP dark matter. 2.45 MeV neutrons from DD fusion are used to calibrate the response of the detector to WIMP-like nuclear recoils. LUX currently has the world's strictest limit on the spin independent WIMP-nucleon scattering cross section with a 90% confidence limit of 1.1x10-46 cm2.