March 29, 2006
Total Solar Eclipse from Libya
As seen by Cherrill Spencer.
In the middle of the "Great Sand Sea", part of the Sahara.
Nearest village, Jikharrah, about 30 km away.

Exact Coordinates:
28° 13' 83" North latitude
21 30' 40" East longitude
Totality lasted 4 minutes 4 seconds

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eclipse_10_lr Corona around eclipsed sun as seen with a 400mm lens on my 33 year old SLR "Petri" camera (F6.3, 1-sec exposure, Kodachrome 64 slide film). This is about how much corona one could see with the naked eye.
eclipse_15_lr Corona with a 1/30 second exposure. Small red prominence can be seen at 11 o'clock.
eclipse_18_lr Corona with a 1/125 second exposure about 90 seconds into totality. Small prominences at 10 o'clock and 8 o'clock.
eclipse_23_lr A few seconds before the end of totality. Bailey's Beads and some of the chromosphere. The reddish chromosphere is 2000-3000 km thick. It glows faintly relative to the photosphere (the main part of the sun) and can only be seen easily during a total solar-eclipse.
eclipse_24_lr Diamond ring a the end of the totality. F6.3 1/125 second exposure.
DuringTotality The sunset effect about three minutes into totality. Taken with Olympus D-390 digital camera.
CherrillInDesert The photographer and her photographic equipment during the partial phase between first and second contact, in the endless expanse of the Great Libyan Sand Sea.
CherrillCamelPyramids Before traveling to Libya, the photographer spent a week in Egypt visiting the ancient monuments. Look at the bus in the left center of the photo to realize how huge the pyramids are.
Photos by Cherrill Spencer, , 2006, C.M. Spencer
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