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iGrid2002 Demonstration: Bandwidth from the Low Lands


We report on a demonstration of several complementary high performance end-to-end active network throughput measurement tools. These include: the PingWorld Java applet that displays the Round Trip Time (RTT) and losses to sites around the world from the user's host; the multi-path analysis tool that visualizes common paths from traceroutes to selected hosts; the IEPM high-performance BandWidth monitoring toolkit which gives achievable throughput for several types of TCP data transfer applications; and the Available Bandwidth Estimation (ABWE) tool that reports in real time the available bandwidth to several paths within the range from Mbits/s to Gbit/s. We also demonstrated sending high-speed data from 4 hosts at iGrid2002 to over 30 hosts in 10 countries to simulate a high energy physics experiment distributing data to collaborators. The demonstration utilized the high-speed, long latency, trans-Atlantic network set up for iGrid2002 in Amsterdam during September 2002.

Index Terms iGrid2002, high-throughput, measurement tools, monitoring, networks, tuning, TCP.

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