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Observational Evidence for Two Cosmological Predictions Made by Bit-String Physics


A decade ago bit-string physics predicted that the baryon/photon ratio at the time of nucleogenesis $\eta= 1/256^4$ and that the dark matter/baryonic matter ratio $\Omega_{DM}/\Omega_B= 12.7$. Accepting that the normalized Hubble constant is constrained observationally to lie in the range $0.6 < h_0 < 0.8$, this translates into a prediction that $0.325 > \Omega_M > 0.183 $. This and a prediction by E.D.Jones, using a model-independent argument and ideas with which bit-string physics is not inconsistent, that the cosmological constant $\Omega_{\Lambda}=0.6\pm 0.1$ are in reasonable agreement with recent cosmological observations, including the BOOMERANG data.

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