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Measurement of the Deuteron Spin Structure Function g1d(x) for 1 (GeV/c)2 < Q2 < 40 (GeV/c)2


New measurements are reported on the deuteron spin structure function $g_{1}^{d}$. These results were obtained from deep inelastic scattering of 48.3 GeV electrons on polarized deuterons in the kinematic range 0.01~$<$~$x$~$<$~0.9 and 1~$<$~Q$^{2}$~$<$~40~(GeV/c)$^{2}$. These are the first high dose electron scattering data obtained using lithium deuteride ($^{6}$Li$^{2}$H) as the target material. Extrapolations of the data were performed to obtain moments of $g_{1}^{d}$, including $\Gamma_{1}^{d}$, and the net quark polarization $\Delta\Sigma$.

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