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CORBA Evaluations for the BABAR Online System


The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is a software system to deal with distributed object computing. The release of CORBA version 2, and real implementations from numerous vendors (both freeware and payware) have made its use very attractive for interprocess and interprocessor communication within an object-oriented software system. A number of object request brokers (ORBs) were evaluated for possible use within the BABAR Online system. Given an expectation for a reasonable level of performance within the Online system, it was essential to characterize the behaviour and test the response of these products prior to their adoption. This paper summarizes the results of a systematic performance study of six ORB products. The products tested include: Visibroker, Orbix, DAIS, Omnibroker, OmniORB2, and TAO. Performance results of ORB products, including a test of TCP/IP sockets, are compared. These tests resulted in the adoption of the TAO ORB for use within the BABAR Online system.

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