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Measurement of the Proton and Deuteron Spin Structure Functions g2 and Asymmetry A2


We have measured the spin structure functions gp2 and gd2 and the virtual photon asymmetries Ap2 and Ad2 over the kinematic range 0.02 < x <0.8 and 1.0 < Q2 < 30 (GeV/c)2 by scattering 38.8 GeV longitudinally polarized electrons from transversely polarized NH3 and 6LiD targets. The absolute value of A2 is significantly smaller than the square root R positivity limit over the measured range, while g2 is consistent with the twist-2 Wandzura-Wilczek calculation. We obtain results for the twist-3 reduced matrix elements dp2, dd2 and dn2. The Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule integral of g2(x)dx is reported for the range 0.02<x < 0.8.

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