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Identified Hadron Production and Light Quark Fragmentation in Z0 Decays


We have measured the differential cross sections for the production of pi+, K+, K0, K*0,phi, p, Lambda and their corresponding antiparticles in separate samples of flavor-tagged Z0 --> light-flavor (u anti-u, d anti-d, or s anti-s), Z0 --> c anti-c and Z0 --> b anti-b events. Clear flavor dependences are observed, and the results are compared with the predictions of three fragmentation models. We have also performed a direct measurement of As, the parity-violating coupling of the Z0 to strange quarks, by measuring the left-right-forward-backward production asymmetry in polar angle of the tagged s quark. Our preliminary result is As = 0.82 + over - 0.10(stat.)+ over - 0.07(syst).

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