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The Dipole Wakefield for a Rounded Damped Detuned Linear Accelerator with Optimised Cell-to-Manifold Coupling


A redesign of the basic cell configuration of the Damped Detuned Structure has been briefly reported in [1] where d the cells are referred to as ellipsoidal cavities, and accelerator structures incorporating them are designated DDS 5 and DDS 6. This new structure type has been renamed RDDS 1, and the first of this series, RDDS 1, is presently under design and fabrication. The carefully sculpted cell profile (fabricated on computer controlled lathes at KEK incorporating diamond point machining) provides a 20% increase in shunt impedance which, when combined with other parameters, allows for a dramatic reduction in the RF power required for the NLC (Next Linear Collider). The detuning profile, damping manifold taper, and the cell to manifold coupling contant profile have all been carefully optimised so as to permit decoupling the cells at the ends of the structure from the manifolds while still adequately minimising the transverse wake. The decoupling is required in order to fit adequately matched terminations into the structure. The single structure analysis has been supplemented with studies of wake degradation arising from systematic fabrication errors and wake improvement obtained by combining manifold damping with structure interleaving.

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