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First Study of the Structure of e+e- —> b anti-b g Events and Limits on the Anomalous Chromomagnetic Coupling of the b-Quark


The structure $e^+e^- $\to$ $b\bar b $\gamma$ events was studied using $Z^0$ decays recorded in the SLD experiment at SLAC. Three-jet final states were selected and the CCD-based vertex detector was used to identify two of the jets as $b$ or $\bar b$. Distributions of the gluon energy and polar angle were measured over the full kinematic range for the first tiem, and compared wth perturbative QCD predictions. The energy distribution is potentially sensitive to an anomalous $b$ chromomagnetic moment $\kappa$. We measured $\kappa$ to be consistent with zero and set the first limits on its value, -0.17 < $\kappa$ < 0.11 at 95% c.1.

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