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Measurement of Ab Resonance using a Jet-Charge Technique


We present a new preliminary measurement of the parity-violation parameter Ab using a self-calibrating jet-charge technique. In the SLD experiment we observe hadronic decays of Z0 bosons produced in collisions between longitudinally polarized electrons and unpolarized positrons at the SLAC Linear Collider. A sample of b anti-b events is selected using the topologically reconstructed mass of B hadrons. From our 1997-1998 data sample of approximately 200,000 hadronic Z0 decays, we obtain Ab=0.824+/-0.031(stat)+/-0.032(syst). Together with our previous 1993-1995 result, it yields a preliminary combined SLD jet-charge measurement of:Ab=0.849+/-0.026(stat)+/-0.031(syst).

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