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A Four-Port Launcher for a Multi-Moded DLDS Power Distribution System


We describe a structure for launching the TE01 and both polarizations of TE12 modes into a highly overmoded low loss circular waveguide providing remote transmission for a multi-moded Delay Line Distribution System (DLDS). The power from four sources is delivered to four structure ports by rectangular waveguide, and the mode for each pulse subsection is selected by varying the relative phases of the sources. The four ports symmetrically feed a section of waveguide with a fourfold symmetric four-leaf clover-like (or quatrefoil) cross section, dimensioned so as to propagate only four TE modes, characterized as 0, pi/2 (two polarizations), and pi modes. The 0 and pi/2 modes are well matched, the pi mode only moderately so. A low loss taper transforms the initial cross section to a circular cross section; the 0 mode transforming to TE01, the pi/2 to TE11, the p to TE21, all with negligible mode conversion. A "sausage" type mode transducer then converts TE11 to TE12 (a lower loss mode), and the diameter is then expanded to the full ~five inch diameter of the delay line. A separate structure to divert power from the last pulse subsection to the local group of accelerator structures is required.

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