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Fast CP Violation


$B$ flavor tagging will be extensively studied at the asymmetric $B$ factories due to its importance in CP asymmetry measurements. The primary tagging modes are the semileptonic decays of the $b$ (lepton tag), or the hadronic $b \to c (\to s)$ decays (kaon tag). We suggest that looking for time dependent CP asymmetries in events where one $B$ is tagged leptonically and the other one is tagged with a kaon could result in an early detection of CP violation. Although in the \sm\ these asymmetries are expected to be small, $\sim 1\%$, they could be measured with about the same amount of data as in the ``gold-plated'' decay \bpks. In the presence of physics beyond the \sm, these asymmetries could be as large as $\sim 5\%$, and the first CP violation signal in the $B$ system may show up in these events. We give explicit examples of new physics scenarios where this occurs.

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