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Symmetry Tests in Polarized Z0 Decays to b anti-b g


Angular asymmetries have been measured in polarized Z0 decays to b anti-bg collected by the SLD experiment at the SLC. A high purity b anti-bg event sample is selected utilizing lifetime information given by the SLD CCD pixel vertex detector and the stable micron-size SLC beams, and the b- and anti-b-jets are identified using lifetime information and momentum-weighted track charge. Parity violating asymmetries in the b-quark polar and azimuthal angles are measured to test the Standard Model. Two angular correlations between the three-jet plane and the Z0 polarization are used to perform symmetry tests. The CP-even and T-odd, and the CP-odd and T-odd, angular asymmetries are sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model. We measure the expectation values of these quantities to be consistent with zero and set limits on the correlations at the 5% level.

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