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New Limits on the SUSY Higgs Boson Mass


We present new upper limits on the light Higgs boson mass $m_h$ in supersymmetric models. We consider two gravity-mediated models (with and without universal scalar masses) and two gauge-mediated models (with a \fiv\ or \ten\ messenger sector). We impose standard phenomenological constraints, as well as SU(5) Yukawa coupling unification. Requiring that the bottom and tau Yukawa couplings meet at the unification scale to within 15\%, we find the upper limit $m_h<114$ GeV in the universal supergravity model. This reverts to the usual upper bound of 125 GeV with a particular nonuniversality in the scalar spectrum. In the \fiv\ gauge-mediated model we find $m_h<97$ GeV for small $\tan\beta$ and $m_h\simeq 116$ GeV for large $\tan\beta$, and in the \ten\ model we find $m_h<94$ GeV. We discuss the implications for upcoming searches at LEP-II and the Tevatron.

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