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Meson-Meson Interaction in a Non-Perturbative Chiral Approach


A non-perturbative method which combines constraints from chiral symmetry breaking and coupled channel unitarity is used to describe the meson-meson interaction up to about 1.2 GeV. The approach uses the $\Opd$ and $\Opc$ chiral Lagrangians. The seven free parameters of the $\Opc$ Lagrangian are fitted to the data. The results are in good agreement with a vast amount of experimental analyses. The amplitudes develop poles in the complex plane corresponding to the $f_0, a_0, \rho,K^*,\phi, \sigma$ and $\kappa$ resonances; the latter two, very broad. The total and partial decay widths of the resonances are also well reproduced. Further extensions and applications of this chiral non-perturbative scheme are also discussed. {\footnotesize PACS: 14.40.Aq, 14.40.Cs,11.80.Et,13.75.Lb}

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