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Bounding the effect of penguin diagrams in alphaCP(B0 --> pi+pi-)


A clean determination of the angle $\alpha$ of the unitary triangle from $B\to \pi\pi$ decays requires an isospin analysis. If the $B \to \pi^0\pi^0$ and $\bar B \to \pi^0\pi^0$ decay rates are small it may be hard to carry out this analysis. Here we show that an upper bound on the error on $\sin 2\alpha$ due to penguin diagram effects can be obtained using only the measured rate $\BR(B^\pm \to \pi^\pm \pi^0)$ and an upper bound on the combined rate $\BR(B \to \pi^0 \pi^0) + \BR(\bar B \to \pi^0 \pi^0)$. Since no $b$ flavor tagging is needed to measure this combined rate, the bound that can be achieved may be significantly better than any approach which requires separate flavor-tagged neutral pion information.

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