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A Complete Order-alpha3 Calculation of the Cross Section for Polarized Compton Scattering


% insert abstract here The construction of a computer code to calculate the cross sections for the spin-polarized processes $e^-\gamma\to e^-\gamma,e^-\gamma\gamma,e^-e^+e^-$ to order-$\alpha^3$ is described. The code calculates cross sections for circularly-polarized initial-state photons and arbitrarily polarized initial-state electrons. The application of the code to the SLD Compton polarimeter indicates that the order-$\alpha^3$ corrections produce a fractional shift in the SLC polarization scale of $-$0.1\% which is too small and of the wrong sign to account for the discrepancy in the Z-pole asymmetries measured by the SLD Collaboration and the LEP Collaborations.

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