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Searching for New Physics with CP Violating B Decays


% We explore the possibility of using $CP$ violation in $B$ decays to detect the presence of physics beyond the \sm. We first study the possibility of new physics in the $B-\bar B$ mixing amplitude. We discuss a construction to extract information about the phase and magnitude of the new physics contribution, as well as the CKM parameters in a model independent way. We point out the difficulty of carrying through this program induced by hadronic uncertainties and discrete ambiguities, and suggest additional measurements to overcome these problems. We then study the possibility of new physics contributions to the $B$ meson decay amplitudes. We emphasize the sensitivity of the $B\to \phi K_S$ decay to these new contributions, and explain how this sensitivity can be quantified using experimental data on $SU(3)$ related decays. Finally, we analyse a number of models where the $B$ decay amplitudes are modified. %

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