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Proposal for a One GeV Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at SLAC


A plasma-based wakefield acceleration experiment E-157 has been approved at SLAC to study acceleration of parts of an SLC bunch by up to 1 GeV/m over a length of 1 m. A single SLC bunch is used to both induce wakefields in the one meter long plasma and to witness the resulting beam acceleration. The experiment will explore and further develop the techniques that are needed to apply high-gradient plasma wakefield acceleration to large scale accelerators. The one meter length of the experiment is about two orders of magnitude larger than other high gradient plasma wakefield acceleration experiments and the 1 GeV/m accelerating gradient is roughly ten times larger than that achieved with conventional metallic structures. Using existing SLAC facilities, the experiment will study high gradient acceleration at the forefront of advanced accelerator research.

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