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Aspects of SU(Nc) Gauge Theories in the Limit of Small Number of Colors


{\baselineskip=13pt \noindent We investigate properties of the color space of $\sun$ gauge theories in the limit of small number of colors ($\nc\to0$) and large number of flavors. More generally, we introduce a rescaling of $\al$ and $\nf$ which assigns a finite limit to colored quantities as $\nc\to0$, which reproduces their known large-$\nc$ limit, and which expresses them as an analytic function of $\nc^2$ for arbitrary value of $\nc$. The vanishing-$\nc$ limit has an Abelian character and is also the small-$\nc$ limit of $[\u1]^{\nc-1}$. This limit does not have an obvious quantum field theory interpretation; however, it provides practical consistency checks on QCD perturbative quantities by comparing them to their QED counterparts. Our analysis also describes the two-dimensional topological structure involved in the interpretation of the small $\nc$-limit in color space.}

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