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B Physics at SLD


~~~ \vspace{10mm} ~~~ \hfill\break {\normalsize We review recent $B$ physics results obtained in polarized $e^+ e^-$ interactions at the SLC by the SLD experiment. The excellent 3-D vertexing capabilities of SLD are exploited to extract precise $\bu$ and $\bd$ lifetimes, as well as measurements of the time evolution of $B^0_d - \overline{B^0_d}$ mixing. } \begin{center} \vspace{65mm} {\normalsize\sl Presented at the 5$^{th}$ Topical Seminar on The Irresistible Rise of the Standard Model, 21-25 April 1997, San Miniato al Todesco, Italy.} \vspace{20mm} {\footnotesize Work supported in part by DOE Contract DE-AC03-76SF00515(SLAC).} \end{center}

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