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A Measurement of Rb Using a Vertex Mass Tag


\noindent We report a new measurement of $R_b=\Gamma_{Z^o\rightarrow b\overline{b}}/ \Gamma_{Z^0\rightarrow hadrons}$ using a double tag technique, where the $b$ hemisphere selection is based on the reconstructed mass of the $B$ hadron decay vertex. The measurement was performed using a sample of 130k hadronic $Z^0$ events, collected with the SLD at the SLC. The method utilizes the 3-D vertexing abilities of the CCD pixel vertex detector and the small stable SLC beams to obtain a high $b$-tagging efficiency and purity. We obtain $R_b=\RBFGAM\pm\DRBFST(stat.)\pm\DRBFSYS(syst.)\pm\DRBFRC(R_c)$.

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