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Measurement of the Neutron Spin Structure Function gn2 and Asymmtryetry An2


We have measured the neutron structure function g$_{2}^{n}$ and the virtual photon-nucleon asymmetry A$_{2}^{n}$ over the kinematic range $0.014\leq x \leq 0.7$ and $1.0 \leq Q^{2} \leq 17.0$ by scattering 48.3 GeV longitudinally polarized electrons from polarized $^{3}$He. Results for A$_{2}^{n}$ are significantly smaller than the $\sqrt{R}$ positivity limit over most of the measured range and data for g$_2^{n}$ are generally consistent with the twist-2 Wandzura-Wilczek prediction. Using our measured g$_{2}^{n}$ we obtain results for the twist-3 reduced matrix element $d_{2}^{n}$, and the integral $\int$g$_{2}^{n}(x)dx$ in the range $0.014\leq x \leq 1.0$. Data from this experiment are combined with existing data for g$_{2}^{n}$ to obtain an average for $d_{2}^{n}$ and the integral $\int$g$_{2}^{n}(x)dx$.

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