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Looking for Exotic Multiquark States in Nonleptonic B Decays


states taken by the CLEO collaboration suggest that a sizeable fraction of the nonleptonic decays may consist of the $J/\psi\, \Lambda \,\overline p$ three body final state, corresponding to a distinct enhancement in the inclusive $J/\psi$ momentum distribution. The kinematical boundary of this structure corresponds to the case where the $J/\psi$ recoils nearly monoenergetically in the $B$ rest system against a partner having mass of $\simeq 2$~ GeV. This may allow the observation of a $\Lambda-\overline p $ bound state near or just below threshold; \ie, strange baryonium, even if the production rate is small. Using a phase space approach to the $B$ meson decay, we study the $J/\psi$ momentum distribution and the effect of baryonium formation. We also discuss the possible observation of pentaquarks and hadronically-bound $J/\psi$ by the observation of monoenergetic baryons in these decays.

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