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KL --> Pi0 Neutrino Anti-Neutrino: Beyond the Standard Model


We analyze the decay \klpnn\ in a model independent way. If lepton flavor is conserved the final state is (to a good approximation) purely CP even. In that case this decay mode goes mainly through CP violating interference between mixing and decay. Consequently, a theoretically clean relation between the measured rate and electroweak parameters holds in any given model. Specifically, $\Gamma(\klpnn)/\Gamma(\kppnn)= \sin^2\theta$ (up to known isospin corrections), where $\theta$ is the relative CP violating phase between the $K-\bar K$ mixing amplitude and the $s\to d\nu\bar\nu$ decay amplitude. The experimental bound on $\BR(\kppnn)$ provides a model independent upper bound: $\BR(\klpnn) < 1.1 \times 10^{-8}$. In models with lepton flavor violation, the final state is not necessarily a CP eigenstate. Then CP conserving contributions can dominate the decay rate.

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