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Rapidity Gaps in Perturbative QCD


We analyze diffractive deep inelastic scattering within perturbative QCD by studying lepton scattering on a heavy quark target. Simple explicit expressions are derived in impact parameter space for the photon wave function and the scattering cross sections corresponding to single and double Coulomb gluon exchange. At limited momentum transfers to the target, the results agree with the general features of the ``aligned jet model''. The color--singlet exchange cross section receives a leading twist contribution only from the aligned jet region, where the transverse size of the photon wave function remains finite in the Bjorken scaling limit. In contrast to inclusive DIS, in diffractive events there is no leading twist contribution to $\sigma_L/\sigma_T$ from the lowest order $(q\bar q)$ photon Fock state, and the cross section for heavy quarks is power suppressed in the quark mass. There are also important contributions with large momentum transfer to the target, which corresponds to events having high transverse momentum production in both the projectile and target rapidity regions, separated by a rapidity gap.

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