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An Improved Measurement of the Left-Right Z0 Cross Section Asymmetry


We present a new measurement of the left-right cross section asymmetry ($A_{LR}$) for $Z^0$ boson production by $e^+e^-$ collisions. The measurement was performed at a center-of-mass energy of 91.28 GeV with the SLD detector at the SLAC Linear Collider (SLC). The luminosity-weighted average polarization of the SLC electron beam was (77.23$\pm$0.52)\%. Using a sample of 93,644 $Z^0$ decays, we measure the pole-value of the asymmetry, $A^{0}_{LR}$, to be 0.1512$\pm$0.0042({\rm stat.})$\pm$0.0011({\rm syst.}) which is equivalent to an effective weak mixing angle of sin$^2\theta^{eff}_{W}$ = 0.23100\pm0.00054({\rm stat.})\pm0.00014({\rm syst.})$.

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